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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhurgo_Burglefools View Post
    Turbine, you have an opportunity to avoid doing something that will be viewed as a trashy move by many of your long time supporters.

    Create new deeds instead of changing existing ones!!!!!

    Consider it.

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    Bad idea. If you don't earn the killing blow how can you then assume credit for that very thing? It may be unfair, but the point of that stat is to keep track of one particular thing. That's like trying to track how many critical hits you get during combat while then also counting how many critical hits somebody else in your group gets as your own.

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    Equally aggravating was nearly having something killed, only to have someone come running along and jacking the kb.

    Instead if giving everyone credit for it, it should be changed to award the kb to whoever dealt the highest percentage of damage to the target before it dies. Sorry healers. You're already being spoon fed infamy/renown, this change is ridiculous (not rEdiculous, to all you illiterate r-tards).

    With that then maybe kill spam can be done away with.

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    The titles you earn with KBs are one of the few things left that mean something in PVP. Don't let the easymoders take that too. We earned those titles. So should everyone else.

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    I've played lotro since June 07'...if this change goes live, I will uninstall and never log on Lotro again...and never buy a Turbine product again. I can't even believe they're seriously considering implementing this change...killing blows are one of the few "fun" things about pvp that remain...please turbine, please don't change them. This change isn't even wanted widespread...

    Petition Signed,
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    Another reason for me and my friend to wait till Elder Scrolls Online comes out. I took a 2 weeks leave from the game and came back to find a bunch of rank 8 - 10 on my server that have never stepped into moors. Now I will start seeing BM everywhere.

    It used to be fun grinding rank on my Cappy because it wasn't an OP character, no one liked to play it in moors and it was fun. Now all I see is 2 cappies per group when in a raid and rank 9 cappies with 17k - 20k moral that tag everyone. Only thing I had to feel different now from those Cappies was the KB titles I earned from soloing, 1v1, and 6 mans in moors. Now I'm going to see all those raid babies have KB titles left and right...
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    i dont even know what say about this turbine i mean this is pure BS if you do this

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    Out of curiousity, have there been anyone asking for this change? Any threads? Anything?

    At least the good news is this change is only on BR atm and are still "subject to change" so wait a bit longer with lighting up the torches. I'm just wondering why are they considering this idea.
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    another nail on the coffin maybe even the last 1 to seal it shut or as the title says ''the killing blow'' to finish off pvp and any interest vets may still hold or anyone in that regard that doesn't like to simply have things handed to them so easily.

    probably 1 of the only remaining things you can look forward to and be proud of once you achieved it with hard work is going to be completely meaningless if they implement this change.

    instead the better thing to do as was suggested(and a more sensible idea to begin with,god knows who came up with this 1) add new deeds and awesome titles that would create competition between other classes that don't get kbs so easily.

    but as we have experienced many times already turbine doesn't really listen to the player base and this will end up being put in 1 way or the other(they will either change it a bit and its still going to be terrible or not do anything at all).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irin19 View Post
    Can we take even more of the game and make it so everyone wins?
    Yes,the simple answer to that is YES,and thats exactly what the majority of the "new" generation players wants and demands..
    Everything given to them with little/no work/time invested... Thus turbine bows to it,makes content easier,faster and implements "timesink/grind" to keep them busy..

    As long as that playerbase is the majority things like this are going to happen to most games..
    My 2c atleast.


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    Please listen to your long-time players. We are the best advertising you have. People that play in the Moors generally want more of a challenge than PvE-land, don't dumb things down. Leave our kb deeds alone. Go ahead and make new ones if you want, but stop making the time we invested meaningless.

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    What those who support this change fail to realize is that if this does in fact go live, all those KB titles that they wished they could have had previously will be nothing more than the new "Trintru Truckler."

    Meaningless titles are just that, meaningless.

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    I've played this game for almost 6 years now, I've played a freep as equally as I've played a creep, and I've played mostly healers on both but also dps on both as well. This new introduction of group wide kb credit really pisses me off.... You're taking away from all the hard work that those titles require, it just ruins it.... this is just as bad if not worse than the whole multi-account rank farming stuff people do... I think turbine must just be trying to kill off their whole pvp aspect completely... Which sucks because they could make it better for themselves seeing as how most mmo players like to have something to do once they've finished content and a good pvp set up is great for that and keeps a lot of people playing sometimes, in fact some people just play mostly for the pvp alone. So to you people at turbine.... prepare to lose a whole lot of money if you make this killing blow thing happen... ./sigh
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    Lol, so is there no difference between a kill and a kb now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colefire2 View Post
    Lol, so is there no difference between a kill and a kb now?
    There is on the wartab, but not on the deed log.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giliodor View Post
    There is on the wartab, but not on the deed log.
    Yeah thats what I'm figuring, its gonna be asinine when you get a new toon out there and see that your kbs and kills match up the same lol.

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    With the new build at bullroarer (3), i log there to test this stupid change. At grams was happening 2 1vs1, both reaver vs champion.
    With my hunter, when the reavers was at half morale, i just auto attack both, neither 200 of damage (my hunter is very bad equipped), and guess what? When they died i had more 2 KB's at my deed log.
    This is just stupid, how can Turbine can think in a change like that? I get 2 KB's for my deeds with NO effort, just a uselles auto attack with a bad equipped hunter.
    Since this is the third Bullroarer build i guess this &&&& change will really come live. When u11 hits i need to remember to put retired at my forum signature (if we still have one after that stupid change for the forums, taking away our leaderboard) and maybe look at the forum if one day this KB change will be reverted and maybe i can renew my vip and comeback to moors.

    Edit: Sorry for my horrible english, its not my native language
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast_of_War View Post
    This change doesn't make any sense. As it currently stands, the titles represent some amount of competence and experience.
    Counter-argument: Healers/tanks don't get as many KBs. Unfair to them.
    Counter-counter-argument: The same title means much more on a tank/healer than a DPS class.
    Counter-counter-counter-argument: KB Ninjas.

    In other words, unless you're 1v1ing all the time, your chance of getting a KB has as much to do with luck and timing as it does with skill.

    Though, I agree with the overall sentiment that the KB titles should be left alone, and maybe adding a "Total Kills" title that's separate.
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    For quests? Fine, I'm all for it (it's rare enough that you get fights inside the keep, let alone killshots). But it really should be left alone for deeds, since combat is at the heart of the Ettenmoors in a way that's different from the rest of the landscape.

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    Please don't do this. Seriously.

    My minnie is rather new to Moors, and the KB's I have are held near and dear. To get a title for killing something that I didn't actually kill seems cheap and meaningless.

    There are enough areas where deeds and instances are being made more casual, ezmode, and in general taking away the need for effort to achieve. A kill deed should be that - for the kill. Even though I have to heal more than I might like in the moors doesn't mean I want a kill deed gifted for me just because I kept the hunter or RK alive. I want to know that my KB's are just that - mine. Stop trivializing effort and accomplishment.
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    I seldom if ever weigh into these conversations.

    But Killing Blows are something people have to work for, it's not something that's granted. It's called a KILLING BLOW, not social kills, the ACTUAL BLOW THAT FELLS THE BEAST. So to speak.

    What a frankly awful idea Turbine, and I can only hope the Players Council step in and quash this utter stupidity quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaddoc View Post
    What a frankly awful idea Turbine, and I can only hope the Players Council step in and quash this utter stupidity quickly.
    IMO, the Player Council will only be able to affect stuff that's pre-Palantir...

    When we're at BR, we're at the polish stage of the development process, so most everything is set in stone.
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    Okay, I can see why they're doing it - making it easier for healers/support to get in their titles. Makes sense. You don't want a title only dps classes can obtain.


    coming from even a super new pvmp player (r6 warg) I love the KB system as it is. (I know - I'm a dps class, so I might be biased but hear me out.)

    There's just something about having a freep going down and everyone hoping they get the KB. Yeah, they're tough to come by--I've only got like 47 or something stupid like that--but that's the way I think it's supposed to be. I worked hard and earn each of my KBs and I'm damn proud of them. Even if there's only 47. :P

    Sometimes I'll be across the map and randomly get infamy from something. I don't want to get a title that way - I'd like to work hard and earn it.

    So, respectfully, please don't do this, Turbine peeps. Keep something tough as hell to get and you'll keep players interested and working toward that. Make something easy and folks will get it and then move on to the Next Big Thing... which won't be LOTRO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathaert View Post
    Okay, I can see why they're doing it - making it easier for healers/support to get in their titles. Makes sense. You don't want a title only dps classes can obtain.
    I apologize because I'm going to appear quite rude here. We actually have no idea why they are doing this, unless I've missed some communication from Turbine.

    I'm sure that you can see this as a reason for the change, but I would prefer to hear the reason from Turbine, and not make assumptions.

    Again, sorry for being a bit rude by hijacking your post.
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    Hai Guise,

    Orange you glad you made the effort to create this thread and +1 thread in pretend Beta test Forum to voice your concerns and have Turbine be all ears?

    Oh wait.

    U11 in 6 days.

    And everyone will still keep playing and giving their pennies to da stur.
    Brittain. Fidel. KimJongIl.


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