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    I am a rank 7. I have 173 Killing blows. Many were solo fights. Hard won victories.

    They're precious to me. Don't make them suddenly cheap.

    /signed a creepside healer
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    Leave the kb deeds alone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastnas View Post
    I welcome this change, as a Captain. It was really only a measurement of the skill/luck between ranged DPS classes.
    It was never a matter of luck unless u ranked in zerg and tried to compete 23 more people. It's a matter of timing and execution of the right skill.
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    No. Please, no.

    This is going to kill the long-term achievement available to freeps (given that rank means very little) and the higher rank creeps. Deeds don't even boost a players advantage, all they do is allow them to boast their accomplishments. By reducing the accomplishments, you completely ruin the purpose. Maybe adding separate participation point titles could work, but changing existing deeds that many have worked hard on is just foolish.

    Side note: People know if you're on a difficult "KB Class", that just means a defiler or something with one of the titles is even MORE prestigious.

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    Create separate deeds for kills with new titles. Leave the old ones as they are. Things like Bane of the West and Herald of Darkness should be the rarest of the rare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellrad View Post
    Deed that can be done only by DPS classes is failed deed.
    Other classes can obtain these deeds, just takes a while longer.

    My main 3 classes creepside are WL, Defiler and Reaver, so I have low kb deed count on 2 of these. Doesn't bother me, I am happy with the way things are now and agree that this proposed change should be scrapped. Those players who have taken years to earn their deed titles, especially on creepside, shouldn't have to see these deeds trivialised imo.

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    Soo...years of indifference from devs, broken promises (new map) and slow bug fixing. Recently we got the hopeless imbalance of u10 and now incoming removal of leaderboards, forum signatures and proprosed change to kb deeds devaluing long term players achievements.

    The straw which broke the camel's back for many players I'm sure. Turbine doing a fine job of killing off pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoggo View Post
    Turbine doing a fine job of killing off pvp.
    Maybe that is their intention. They obviously don't have time/funds for certain aspects of this game anymore. Rather sad, actually.

    I saw a ton of r0 creeps running around this week and realized it is probably because of the store sale at the moment. It must be awfully off-putting for someone to come and try creep to see if it is worth investing in only to get blown up in ~2 seconds.

    Really, Turbine/WB, if you want to make money then start fixing things that are broken, and for the sake of our sanity, if it is not broke, please don't try to fix it.
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    I want to point out this post which has honestly hit the issue spot on the nose and gleans insight into why they made this change.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gretolas View Post
    Considering there are class deeds that are impossible to ever complete (e.g. last tier of captain slayer) this is how the system should be working from the start of the game BUT not be implemented now, 6 years after when many veteran players have spent months over farming kbs to get those titles (since rank became so easy to get)!
    Basically the system they are trying to introduce now honestly should have been there since the start of the game.

    But it's FAR too late for that.

    So changing it now honestly is taking many years of slow, and agonizing, grinding and telling us it was all for nothing.

    I could give so many examples as to why that would infuriate people but i shouldn't have to... It's common sense.
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    Biggest Joke ever, way to go Turbine, you are making my decisions to stop playing this game easier and easier with every update you make. Gotta be the worst group we have had yet.

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    Create new titles or do nothing at all, but don't change the slayer deeds to this.

    I don't have a lot of KB titles on my toons, but the ones I do have, I cherish. Just recently got my Man-foe title, and I'm inching closer and closer to the RK title.

    Listen to your playerbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SozuRogberry View Post
    I may not have thousands of kbs on my warleader but each one makes me smile a bit, take the deeds away and there is really not a lot left to come back too.
    Because being able to land just one hit, which happened to be the last one, to get your deed count incremented when everyone else who did real damage is left with nothing is the way to feel good about yourself, right?

    BTW, why did you have to copy the name of a mob in another game for your forum name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyrion View Post
    I get the feeling you haven't tried completing these quests and deeds on a creep healing class. It essentially comes down to being lucky in a group or raid, and most of the time you won't be.
    Nobody gives 2 &&&&s, maybe even 3, about the quests. Especially not freeps.

    The only reason I basically solo is because I want to keep my average points higher than most and my Kills:Killing blow counter as low as possible, both are ~57 and 2:1 respectively, so for people that still do solo thought it has died, killing blows are a sign of either being lucky or solo kills, which in my case is mostly solo kills, the rest of my kills was either unlucky (aka someone else ninjaing it) or the famous Stab-EC/Wtab-OC action back in the day.

    So the bottom line is, Healers shouldn't QQ since they can do 150 other quests earning points, remember that it takes incredibly long for freeps as well to get the hoarhallow quests..

    Besides if you want infamy then leech .

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    I just got Slayer of Light on the Warleader about 3 days ago so seeing this so soon is pretty frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerin_Eldar View Post
    Because being able to land just one hit, which happened to be the last one, to get your deed count incremented when everyone else who did real damage is left with nothing is the way to feel good about yourself, right?
    Actually, yes.

    In that rare moment - the planets in perfect alignment - when a Defiler/WL manages to snatch a KB from the jaws of a nearby dps monkey, comes a certain satisfaction that borders on the orgasmic.

    But to the point, it is a slow slog for creepside healers, but one that all of us accepted (if only to relish those few-and-far-between moments). The proposed change? A. big. fat. bore.

    Let well enough alone Turbine.

    Defilers and children first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andared View Post
    Create new titles or do nothing at all, but don't change the slayer deeds to this.


    Listen to your playerbase.
    I agree with this, this would be a idea that would satisfy both parties: turbine on the one hand, that wants to introduce a new, more casual friendly system and the pvmp playerbase, that wants to keep the long-time achievements.

    As for personal reasons, I am getting closer and closer to Botw, and these titles are a huge motivation for rank 15 players, to keep on playing lotro. So, the introduction of new titles and doing nothing to the old ones seems to be a good idea.
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    It will be absolutely sickening if this change goes through. Please leave the slayer deeds alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CreepHiveMind View Post
    Create separate deeds for kills with new titles.
    The obvious solution.

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    Perhaps one reason for the change is the effect of Rank/Club Farming. Those who engage in clubbing can easily fill whatever slayer deed they want to complete in short order. Those who don't wait a long long time to finish any slayer deeds.

    My guess is that Rank Farming is one of the driving factors for the change. Rating is borked and KBs are skewed now too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beastnas View Post
    Perhaps additional, new deeds and titles would be in order. I would not be object to ideas from achievement systems in other MMOs: Heal X amount of morale, Deal X amount of damage, Kill X amount solo, Kill X amount in a group etc. Which would both require effort on the part of zerglings as well as be accessible to all classes.
    I think this is a fine idea. Go ahead and create deeds no dps class will ever complete. Rez and heal deeds would be a great addition, especially if they come with fun titles.

    This is simply not something that pvp players are clamoring for, and it should be clear many would rather see things stay as they are. You are only going to alienate some of your biggest supporters, and demonstrate that you can consistently make poor decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulred View Post
    So the changes so far:

    1. You get infamy/renown from quests.
    2. You are able to buy skills and brands.
    3. You are able to inflate your renown/infamy via keep/delving buffs
    4. You are now able to buy 100% renown/infamy buffs via TP
    5. Unless is a 1v1, you are better off being in a raid for infamy/renown.
    6. Now you might be able to get slayer deeds by zerging.
    Looking at this list make me really sad, i'm done with PvP if this KB deed changes come to live. And i was dreaming that all that changes listed above would be reverted someday, now i see how fool i was.
    Less one subscriber for you Turbine, if this &&&& change come to live.
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    The idea is awful. I'd hate to see it go live. However, if it does, I hope it attracts many carebear pvpers who will take great offence to corpse jumping.
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    I am aware that most of the veteran PvPers feel somewhat the same as me and although this is a problem that affects everyone, I'll talk about my own experience.

    Before that, for those healers complaining that they should be given the same opportunity as the DPS classes of advancing in KB deeds, I wonder why you rolled a healing class. Every class has its role, and the fact that it is so hard for us to get KBs makes it even worthier.

    Firstly, having spent so many time ranking during SoA, MoM and SoM getting 5-10 infamy per kill in order to get those skills/traits that seemed so great (although some of them turned out to be disappointing), Turbine (being myself close to r13 to get the long-awaited Blight) had the great idea of launching the Store, and with it the possibility of buying every single skill/trait. The main incentive for ranking (at least for me) went away.

    Then, I thought to myself: "Well, I'll get r13 so I can get the drake mask and have something that no other defiler (on my server) has". Just the day after I got r13 and, therefore, drake mask too, sigil skins came out and every single defiler was wearing one (and many still are).

    A couple of months ago, I got Slayer of Light title, which made me so happy and proud. Now, the only thing left for me to be somehow unique will be so easily acquired than even a random r7 defiler will have, in less than one month, the same title that it has taken me 5 years to get.

    I can't really understand the eagerness Turbine is showing to render the work and time invested of so many veteran players useless, up to the point of coming to the conclusion that everything we have earned in 6 years of game has been a waste of time.
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    I just want to post and say that I am not a fan of this change either. Why not add new group/raid deeds instead of removing the ones we've been working on for 6 years? Bad move.
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    What are they thinking?

    Call me a cynic but I think it has to do with $$$.

    The model of making a high quality game that attracts loyal, long-term, paying subscribers is dead. Turbine is not a charity.They have to make as much money as possible while they hold the license to Lord of the Rings. They have moved to a business model of making several small transactions per user and expecting the average player to stick around for a few months and expanding the player base to casual gamers.

    PvP is the neglected, illegitimate (since b@$t@rd is a naughty word) child that gets scraps. It is PvE that atrracts the most users. Money spent to develop PvP is wasted or has poor return unless PvPers spend $$$.

    The lifetime account holders are dead weight. Turbine hopes you die and go away (okay, maybe just going away is enough.)

    Long-time creep players are dead weight. You have all your classes unlocked and skills. You don't need to spend TP. Turbine hopes you go away.

    New creep players are fine. They have to spend TP to unlock toons. Once they find out how R0 creeps stand up to freeps, they are enticed to buy skills with TP.

    Freeps PvP = VIP = $$$ (unless you're lifetime, in which case, you should go away).

    OP creeps = unhappy freeps = fewer VIP subscriptions = less $$$

    OP freeps = happy freeps = more $$$

    PvP makes money only if new Freeps sign up for VIP and new Creeps try the Moors. You make the PvP more attractive by making the ranks and deeds easier to get. Not many people are going to stick out creepside if all they get are a handful of points per kill. Hand of Doom might as well not exist once new creeps realize how much time it takes to get KBs. But, if you flood the Moors with Inf/Ren and KBs then maybe some might stick it out for a few more months of VIP or spend some TP to get it on another creep class or two.

    As for all the rage coming from long-time players, Turbine would prefer if you to go away. And don't come back. You probably weren't spending any money anyway.
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