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    Universal Toolkit Questions

    Sorry if this information is posted somewhere, but the site isn't letting me search for anything at the moment.

    I was thinking of getting the Universal Toolkit for my newest character because she's taken the Explorer craft vocation (forester, tailor, prospector) and not having to swap tools constantly while gathering would be fantastic. However, the LOTRO store doesn't really give any detail about the Toolkit.
    • Are there particular stats on the Toolkit?
    • Does it adjust depending on your character's level, or is it just basic/Plain Jane?
    • What sort of durability does it have?

    If anyone's had experience, I'd love to know what you have to say about the Universal Toolkit before I make a purchase. Thanks!
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    thanks for the info/link.

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    I only found out about this universal toolkit recently and it is awesome! It is now an absolute must-buy on any and all my alts!

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    I got one in a bronze lootbox and love it, getting the high crit rate at level 10 is nice.

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    For me, the best part about the Universal Toolkit is that it's bound to account. This means that if you have shared storage, you can share it between all your alts!

    I just have to remember to take it out of shared storage before I begin and put it back before I log out. (This is the hardest part.)

    I consider this item the best 150 TP I've ever spent in the game.

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    Got for free also on daily roll gift thingy



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