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    Searching for a kinship

    Ok, it seems we don't have one big thread like the Landroval forums so my only choice is to post a new topic? So here I go.

    Celliniel/Minstrel/Elf of Lorien (leveling up as quickly as I can and hope to be around the 20s by this weekend)
    I'm new on the Laurelin server but I've been on LOTRO for a few months now. In those months I've been RPing nearly every time I log on so I'm not that new to RPing either. If it makes a difference at all, I have a background with RPing for 5 years--al of which where paragraph roleplays either typed on forums, on tumblr, through e-mail, or literally written out (don't do this if you treasure your hand, haha!). So while I would never say I'm the best or even close to the best, I do have experience in writing and I try my best to make every reply articulate and interesting despite the character limit (although you can very much expect me to tell you to wait a minute as I need to type an extra sentence).

    I'm leaning towards a medium-heavy RP kinship since my reason for creating a character on this server was to participate in more RPing HOWEVER, I am aware that those types of kinships like to be as precise as possible with what Tolkien wrote. I adore that and I do try my best but I haven't read The Silmarillion a million times and I'm very prone to mistakes. I'll fix what mistakes I make gladly, of course, but it's just a warning.

    As far as activity goes, I live in the EST timezone and with the exception of this week and the week of May 17th I am on every single day for as long as I can be, on and off through out the day. I usually stay up till ungodly hours of the night on the weekend so no, 2 AM is not too late to start an RP with me so if that is your kinship's prime time believe me, I'll be on.

    As far as questing and stuff goes, while I do enjoy RPing I will quest and help out if any kin member needs it. I think the second most fun thing on LOTRO is leveling up, exploring, and enjoying the epic quest's story line! So if you feel you just want to go around killing things and leveling up, I'll be glad to come along!

    And last but not least, if you need any sort of history on my character... er... I have ideas but none of them are set in stone since i know some kinships have guidelines, etc. and I'd like to follow said guidelines if I decide to join your kin.

    I'll stop typing now...

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    Let me introduce you to our kinship.

    I'm Gelltheir Laingwador, First officer of "The Children Of Ilúvatar" or "TCOI" for short.
    We are a very active, social, mature and kind kinship. We founded this kinship 2 years ago. We've had some quiet times but are now very active for more then a year now. With very active I mean 100-130characters online every day and 60+ active players on our website.

    We have our own website and facebook page. On our website we have a forum where our players can write down their RP journals and story's. In our kinship we have alot of RPers willing to RP with you. We try to add at least 1 RP item to our calendar every week. We have our own RP officer in our kinship and we are slways looking for new players to RP with us. I must say that we are light RP sindce our kinship is so diverse that we have alot more going on in our kinship. Heavy RPers are always working and it would be great if one can help our officers to create more events.

    We are not only RPérs, we have alot of meetings and weekly events to quest/skirmish/raid together. We are a member of a big raiding alliance but that is for endgame mainly. We have officers for high mid and low levels and they plann a weekly event every week. We have our own banking system to help eachother with crafting and sharing items. We also have our own voice chat server to chat and relax. If you are looking for this also, you are more then welcome with us!

    We are all parents, students or working alot. We are a mixed kinship with players from all regions. Most of us are from europe and that's why we handle GMT times for our meetings. We are trying to scedule them at times when the NA players are able to join us also.

    one last thing! We are also a smial of the official Tolkien Society, under the name Laurelin. Our smial focuses on Lotro primarily. Smial's members can meet in real life to socialise and to discuss all aspect of Tolkien-lore, and for that we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    If you are interested in joining our kinship, you can apply to our kinship on our website. To get on our website, click on the following banner!

    We hope to see you ingame, and may the Valar guide your steps!

    ~~Gelltheir Laingwador

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    Hello Celliniel,

    Sounds like you are already really enjoying exploring Middle Earth and i can truely say the more you explore the more you will amazed by the amount of work the developers have put into the scenery and game. I know i have been!

    If your after a Kinship which embraces both roleplay and the normal game content i would seriously suggest taking a look at the Laurelin Archives if you haven't already done so. There is a wealth of information there, i remember when it was first created for Laurelin and its gone from strength to strength. The site has a lot of details concerning many of the roleplay kinships across Laurelin.

    Seeing as you mentioned your mains an elf you might want to think upon how you wish to roleplay your elf with respect to the rich lore tolkien has around this race. There are many kinships which cater specifically for this and some like my own are man/elf kinships.

    I am not one to say one kinship is better than another but i will gladly offer a few recommendations to you if you wish reflecting from my own roleplay. Or i can give you a few contacts to speak with in the various kinships in our roleplay community if that would help so you can make your own mind up.

    For me the game is all about having fun and enjoying all aspects of LOTRO, not forgetting about making friends. Middle Earth is a nice place to escape to in our busy modern lives.

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    Have you found one? I'm planning on making an Elf next, and I'm trying to decide between Laurelin and Crickhollow.



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