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To a certain extent I agree, Turks and Thorvion def used the rank they farmed as a way to rubbing people the wrong way, but in fairness they never started the conversation, they got attacked and defended themselves. Then it all went to hell.

But using the same example, a kin pug of certain so called epic legit players bugged out T2 CM Flight very early after release. They knew it was bugged and sat there for 8 mins and took the CM deed and the rewards and then Claimed Server First in glff....

Yet no one cared or called them out or blacklists them etc.... Why? The same rules should apply to pve as they do to pvp, if bragging about something that isn't earned is frowned upon, where was the big outcry then?

Hypocrits as always. Do as I say, not as I do, and it's only cheating until someone with more forum or server rep says its ok, then everyone is too afraid to say anything.
Sad that you even try and bring this back up, First off, we don't have T2 CM Flight deed only T2 and we didn't bug it out, it bugged out on us on around our 10th attempt after killing 3 waves, so yes we stayed in to see if it really was broken then we bug reported it. Yep, we did announce it in glff as a joke and to let people know that it was not done legitly because the instance bugged on us, we also a told glff we would let everyone know when we had it down legit and unlike other kins who have been bugging out the instance on purpose through an exploit and acquired the gear for almost their entire kin only the 12 who were in that run got the deed for the gear.