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    Oct 2011

    Congratulations Mythicman!

    CONGRATS to our first legitimately earned R15.

    Proud to be your fellow, as many people are.

    Sure even those who don't like you will agree, you bring a presence to the battlefield that no one else does.

    Congratulations buddy!

    P.S representing Redemption, i like it

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    What an awesome achievement. Love him or hate him theres no denying what he has done over the many years. Gratz man on a job well done and a long time coming. So whats in store for the creeps now man ? Oh before I forget I know many would love to see that wartab
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens


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    He farmed lMAO

    To bad he had to farm his last 25k. What a &&&&.

    Yours truly azan

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    Congratulations to the finest person on FF and the best LM I've ever seen!!!

    Very well done Mythic and congratulations on a spectacular and legit job out there.

    Playing across 4 servers and encountering numerous LM's in my time I can say without a doubt that you have set the bar (way high) for every other Loremaster to measure against, and I'm just grateful there aren't more like you around as the Moors is just not safe when you're out there!

    I heard you'll be retiring MM for a bit (and I'm breathing a sigh of relief at that prospect) and will be leveling some alts for pve. I also heard for moors though that you'll be CREEPING!!!!!! If that's true send me a tell anytime you want to group, and welcome to the "dark side"!!!!! mwuhaha!!!!

    Best wishes and congrats again!

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    Sorry to disappoint you but he's been caught farming and is far from legitimate.

    <3 Bammy

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    MD, USA

    With store bought buffs (I'm pretty sure he's used them in the past ) there is nothing unusual in his renown history. If he farmed the last 25k it's kind of disappointing, but 3.6+ MILLION renown without any accusations of farming leaves me to think that I'd need a ss or fraps to believe he farmed. SS take no effort to get and it seems to me so far no one has any. If you can't or won't back up a claim why even make it?


    Grats MM! Job well done!

    PS: A little less star hugging and you'd of been here a year ago
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    "...FF is still the best server period, its like the Texas of Lotro"-Bace

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    Mythic I may not agree with your playstyle and although I've heard that you farmed, albeit a negligible amount,
    Grats on r15! It's definitely a long grind no doubt about that. Now go blow creeps up with your r15 Battlefield Promotion, put it to use!
    Lifgar R12 RK Firefoot
    Arcuss R10 BA Meneldor
    Though this is madness; there be method in't. - William Shakespeare

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    Grats Mythic!
    Miradhor, R12 100 Burglar of Firefoot

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    Mythic mythic!!! Well I have known you almost since beta.. I think you started right after me tho..We have had Many a Good times in the moors. Well We ... as in freeps lol. I was telling someone the other day about how you and I and Veritas used to go out to the Moors with the Help Of Root, Gypsyhips and Sho and share the fun and Demolish poor creeps and Laugh .. we used to laugh a lot. All the way til I hit R11 and stopped playing a ton in the moors on Min. Then ..... I was on creepside and you made me laugh just as much but only you couldn't hear ... *Which I wont get into that* .... And I can not comment on the last few weeks on Lotro and your game BUT I can say that in all the years I knew you and played and cried with you on freepside you never once farmed. I can say anything about the store bought &&&& the last few weeks But ... This is just for Sig's benefit Mythic will tell you himself that he is never without His store bought pots!! I may not have agreed with the way you played in the Moors Mythic But You never gave up and never gave in and I applaud you for being the First R15 in firefoot



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