Here is probably the weirdest thing you will ever see on the forums...
A SEPERATE QUEST-LINE TO REBUILD ARCHET! You heard right, rebuild Archet!

Back story:
After many years of lying in waste, mourning over the dead, the citizens of Archet have decided to rebuild their home, and bring the hop back into the small town. Players have found themselves in the presence of Jon Brackenbrook, the new leader of the town, and he wishes to rebuild. Together, the player will team up with citizens in order to complete trading quests, instances, and other types of content to rebuild the city into a legend. The once burned city will rise again, removing the cursed shadow from above.

Back story: The people of Archet will need lumber to rebuild the supports of building and the palisades. Considering the amount of boars and wolves outside of the city, the citizens are all afraid to leave. You have been asked to gather the wood for them, as they recognize you as a strong hero for lending your aid to rebuild.
Objective 1: Cut down limbs from the sturdiest trees in Chetwood.
Objective 2: Defeat Blackwold brigands(0/16)
-Gather 8 bundles of twigs.
Objective 3: Talk to Constable Thistlewool
Back story: The people of Archet need a smithy to craft armour and weapons for the watchers. You will need to gather the supplies worthy of a hero's forge. Together, with the help of a few watchers, you must journey into the depths to find stone, iron, and the supplies for lighting the forge.
Objective 1: Collect stone in the caverns of Midgewater Marsh(0/20)
-Collect iron from goblin camps in Northern Bree-land(0/10)
-Collect coal, torches, and flintlock from metal smith's in Bree(0/3)
Objective 2: Help the people of Archet construct the forge.
Objective 3: Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
Up with the walls!
Back story: After gathering the wood for the walls, the people of Archet have requested your assistance in rebuilding the palisade that defends the town. Without it, an attack could be launched at any time, and all of your work could be destroyed by the Blackwolds. You will have to direct the citizens to where they need to be, and you will need to build yourself. The Blackwolds won't accept that you are rebuilding the city, so you should keep a look out for archers, trying to slow you down.
Objective 1: Lead the workers to the work places on the wall(0/6)
Objective 2: Defend wagons that are entering from Combe, delivering supplies(0/3)
Objective 3: Defeat Blackwold warriors(0/10)
-Defeat Blackwold Torch-Bearers(0/10)
Objective 4: Blow the horn to call the guard(0/1)
Objective 5: Defend the wall for three minutes.
Objective 6: Talk to Constable Thistlewool
-Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
Building the Craft Hall.
Back story: The people of Archet have the forges and workbenches, but they don't have anywhere to house the crafting stations! Gather the materials and build the largest craft hall you can, the people of Archet will need it if they wish to defend themselves from the Blackwolds!
Objective 1: Gather stone from Midgewater Marshes(0/20)
-Gather iron from goblin caves in Thorin's Hall(0/20)
-Gather wood from trees in Chetwood(0/20)
Objective 2: Sort the materials out(0/3)
-Direct the workers into place(0/8)
Objective 3: Move workbenches into the craft hall(0/5)
-Move forges into the craft hall(0/6)
-Move studies into the craft hall(0/4)
-Move supplies into the craft hall(0/10)
Object 4: Speak to Jon Brackenbrook.
More to come...