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    [Event] Spring Racing Carnival - Horse races and contests - May 3-4 on Landroval

    Cross posting because the In-Game Player Events forum is not updating...

    Here is the current schedule of events. I will update this post if there are any changes.

    Friday, May 3

    7:30pm – Pre-race music and festivities.
    8:00pm – Mathom Cup qualifier horse race in Michel Delving (Prizes: 1000 TP/500 TP/100 TP)
    9:00pm – Pre-race festivities, music by Bright Star.
    9:30pm – Moonstone Cup qualifier horse race in Duillond (Prizes: 1000 TP/500 TP/100 TP)

    Saturday, May 4

    11:30am – Pre-race festivities, music by Die Meisterbarden von Bree.
    Noon – Mithril Cup qualifier horse race in Gondamon (Prizes: 1000 TP/500 TP/100 TP)
    1:30pm – Pre-race festivities, music by Breakfast Club.
    2:00pm – Longbottom Leaf Cup qualifier horse race in Michel Delving (Prizes: 1000 TP/500 TP/100 TP)
    3:30pm – Pre-show festivities, music by Die Meisterbarden von Bree.
    4:00pm – Formation riding team demonstration and fireworks show.
    4:30pm – Group ride from the Horsefields to Bree’s town square.

    5:00pm – Parade of rare horse breeds at town hall.
    5:30pm – Spring Concert, music by the Lonely Mountain Band.
    6:30pm – "Riding In Style" Horse show (mounted fashion contest, prizes: 5000 TP / 2500 TP / 1000 TP).
    7:30pm – Bree Cup Championship Race (Prizes: 300g & 5000 TP / 100g & 2500 TP / 75g & 1000 TP).
    8:00pm – Closing Ceremonies

    Important Notes

    Contact the event host to register for an event in the hour before it begins.
    Most events are being hosted by Kiralynn -- Listen to the Regional channel for more info.
    The qualifier races have an entry fee of 1 gold, which will go towards the Bree Cup prize. Sponsorships are available for young riders.
    You must register, join the host's raid, and show up at the event location before it begins.
    Horse show (mounted fashion contest) registration is limited by the size of the raid group -- register early!

    Race Rules

    • Riders must register to participate in the race. Registration closes at the scheduled event time.
    • Registrations are accepted at the race host’s discretion. Players who have been barred from races for unsportsmanlike behavior may not register.
    • Riders must be at the start location at least 5 minutes before the race begins.
    • Riders must join a raid fellowship with the judges and remain in it until the race results are announced.
    • Only standard horses and ponies (+62% speed) will be allowed.
    • No mount speed enhancers will be permitted. All buffs (temporary ability enhancements) must be cancelled before the race begins.
    • Riders must only use their horse for transportation. Stables, milestones, wayfaring, camps, rally points, acorns, mustering horns, summons and all other non-mount forms of travel are forbidden.
    • Spamming fellow riders, giving a false start signal, having allies ride in the wrong direction to mislead riders, and all other forms of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification.
    • The race host will take all riders on a pace lap of the course before it begins. It is up to the riders to remember the checkpoints and find the shortest path between them during the race.
    • Riders must clear all checkpoints in the proper direction and order. Course judges are the final authority in determining if a checkpoint has been properly cleared. A decision can be appealed if screenshots or video can be presented immediately after the race.
    • If a rider falls from his horse, he may mount up again and continue the race. He will not be disqualified for swimming if he is dismounted at a water crossing.
    • The winner will be determined by the first rider to cross the finish line, not the first mount.

    Horse Show Rules

    • Riders must ride on stage only when their name is called by the host. If a rider doesn’t respond promptly, or goes on stage before his/her name is called, they will be disqualified.
    • Riders will have approximately 30 seconds on stage. Each rider should walk their horse onto the stage, display their outfit, and then exit on the other side.
    • Each rider can exhibit only one horse and outfit.
    • Riders can perform emotes and use items to help show off their horse and outfit.
    • After each rider has a turn on the stage, the host will call all riders onto the stage for final judging.
    • Any sort of unsportsmanlike behavior (such as spamming) will result in disqualification and your vote will not count.
    • At the end, each participant and member of the audience can cast one vote for the winner. You can vote for yourself.
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