I've seen this on a few servers now, so thought it could do no harm trying to start one up here!

A few guidelines for using this thread:

1) Please feel free to post and thank people for any good 1v1s you have had recently. This could have been an organised 1v1, or a nice open field fight that was uninterrupted.

2) This is a thread for 'Good 1v1s'. If you feel a recent 1v1 you had with someone was not good, then don't post it. Lets try and refrain from complaining and keep it 100% positive.

3) I'd like to try and keep this thread ongoing if possible, to maintain something positive on our forum, involving both freeps and creeps, please help to try and keep it this way.

I'll start by thanking Govno and Trytofarmme for our recent 1v1s, they've been pretty close and I can't wait for you both to hit rank 9! Also had a great 1v1 with stop, which ended in a double KO, can't beat those