I was on Snowbourn last night, having just joined outcasts and a raid gets going.
I join and being somewhat new I was hoping I could show I was not 100% useless.

So I run to the gathering place, start following the troops and when we finally come up to our opposing force my PC has a heart atck.
I spend the next 5 mins unchecking and lowering graphic options to near minecraft levels heheh
No improvement,

I notice that my screen is filled with raid panels and flickering buffs off/on off/on almost like a xmas tree.
So I moved on to UI options, going down the list uncheck, uncheck, uncheck...
Still no improvement... (Raid panels are still in a state of panic)

By this time I feel bad, what a first impression to make, a warleader that doesn't move =)

ALT-TAB googled: "Turn off raid buffs" first few links (lotro-forums) We are performing maintenance ... what?!...

Scroll down... yahoo question/answer site... Got IT!
Finally some progress!

To trim down the raid buff spam you need to go to the social options.
Now everything is clean and the game suddenly smooths out... Raid over the guys are patting themselves on the back and going to bed... I had my sword drawn and no where to go =(

Sorry about that guys, next time I will be better =)