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    GLFF Hijacked, use GLFF2

    As of today, April 29th 2013, GLFF has been hijacked and password protected. Everyone is going to GLFF2, just /joinchannel GLFF2.

    I'll edit this if we get GLFF back.
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    Broken is correct, but that does not make it right.

    Traitorous, tyrannical dogs have usurped the good name of GLFF!

    They demand that we utter the title "Evendale" in kow-towing deference with the ./joinchannel command.

    We do not submit as they wish, however.

    ./joinchannel glff2

    If ye prefer Trolls to Tyrants, then join us in glff2!
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    [glff2] Tyrneaa: 'You joined room 'glff2' (UserChat2). Number of members: 69.'
    [glff2] Tyrneaa: 'You joined room 'glff' (UserChat1). Number of members: 32.'

    That is all for now.

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    This isn't the first time Glff has been hijacked... GLFF2 was created back when we had gold spam problems, I didn't think anyone would remember it :P

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    Someone really needs to get banned for this, and the mods telling they banned someone for this.

    This is dumb and it needs to stop - cracking a few heads will get the point across very clearly.
    Maley Oakensage, Captain of Elendilmir

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    easy to know which channel to pick with numbers like that.

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    Oh no its been locked again.

    The FBI has been contacted the server will remain on lock down till these criminals are caught, Elendilmir will mourn this day. RIP glff

    If anyone has any lead onto the suspects please contact 1800 FBI TIP

    Also if there are loved ones who are missing there is a support center setup in glff2


    The FBI is after 2 Males & 1 Female between the ages of 25-30 last seen within Bree Tavern, they believe they have ties to Al Qaeda do NOT approach these people they are armed and dangerous.
    Screenshots will be posted soon
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    Sorry guys. I quit a while ago, but I forgot to stop my hacks running.

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    Passwords on chat channels should disappear if no players are in the channel.

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    How I feel about /glff hijacks depends entirely on whether it was hijacked by one of the usual trolls, or hijacked by someone in an attempt to troll the trolls.

    Either way, they just need to add a global /lff to the game channels and leave /glff for the people who like to type to see their name on the interweb.
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