On the off chance any folks reading our Imladris forums are interested in completing Moria instances for medallions to get the armor set - for either their main or an alt coming up - I would like to hear from you

I did join a very nice kin on Imladris finally and we ran a few yesterday, but despite that I do see a quite of few people now around Moria here and there, we didn't get too many to respond to Lff calls.

I know many say "don't bother with Moria armor; you out level it anyway." But I know from leveling to 75 before that I used that set for a long time, well into Dunland until I got better pieces there and then the Draigoch set. I am also not in a hellfire hurry to level as I am enjoying the heck outta Moria/Mirkwood areas this time round, lol.

My thought is if we have a steady group to run some dailies and then the Watcher after a couple weeks we would all have our sets pretty fast, with medallions to spare. I am on PST and usually play a few hours every weeknight and then anytime on weekends. Please post here or send me a message and I will get us coordinated.

Happy hunting