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    New to the Moors...

    Got VIP last Saturday, been around in the Ettenmoors for say... 13 hours? Not much perhaps, but I pretty much spend all my time in there now.

    My current setup:
    2 Hytbold Huntsman, 2 Hytbold Bowmaster, 2 Erebor Huntsman
    85 vitality crafted cloak
    Level 80 agility crafted & 85 vitality crafted earrings
    Shiny Sunbrand Necklace of Dexterity
    Cardolan Hunter's Pocket
    Careworn Copper Bracelet, Relic-robber's Bracelet
    Rohan gold +crit & +agility rings
    Level 80 red tome

    10 Loyalty, 11 Tolerance, 12 Valour, 13 Fidelity, 14 Zeal
    Deadly Precision, Strong Draw, Resolute Aim, Rapid Recovery, Swift Recovery, Critical Eye, Heightened Senses
    Bard's Arrow, Improved Fleetness, Press Onwards

    Sitting at 8357 morale; 2375 agility, 675 vitality, 672 fate; 1.5k resistance, 1.4k critical defence; something like >30% physical and 27.9% tactical mitigation.

    I'd like to hear from other Hunters about the Moors (excluding how bad the class is, etc).

    On armour: I'm thinking of keeping 2 Erebor Huntsman. For Moors gear, I'm considering 2 Precison and 2 Entrapment. I am expecting a lot of deaths as a Hunter in here, so I guess I could live with 4 less Audacity.

    On jewellery: Will replace Careworn Copper Bracelet one with Relic-robber's Bracelet. Would get the HoT and +incoming healing rings but after much token grinding and multiple failed attempts to get gems, I doubt I would get the 2 other rings any time soon (though I assume I should get them if I can). Also hoping to get the earring from Stoneheight (or two of them; there's also a similar earring in Lost Temple, but IMO STH one is better). Doubt I could succeed, but I'm still going to pay the Stoneheight RNG visits every now and then.

    On traits: I'm going to grind my virtues, of course. Are the virtues itself (not the ranks) okay? And traits, I replaced Deep Concentration and Arrow Storm for Resolute Aim and Rapid Recovery; True Shot with Heightened Senses. Press Onwards roots me for 4 seconds, but I might be lucky and pull it off, so I have it slotted; replaced Bard's Arrow with RoT, but eventually went back with Bard's Arrow - 6 focus for AoE root is a bit too much for a Fleetness Hunter IMO.
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    I'd switch Loyalty for something like Determination, but its not terrible as a place holder until you rank them up

    Every creep does tactical damage. Phys mits is only useful against npcs

    You can use the 2 entrap as a swapset for hitting needful haste and then switch to 4 precision. You can use fireoils bowchants but focus pots are for rich snobs. Hey wait, focus pots and store focus pots share different CDs though i think, not that id know >.> store is for noobs y0
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    Personally, I went with two entrapment with the pieces that gave the most vit (chest piece and something else) and the other four 2/2 for the most morale/vit, although I usually wear the gold Horse-lords helm instead of the audacity helm. The entrapment 2 piece bonus is amazing, I've killed so many wargs with it before they could even HIPS away, and it stops them from sprinting, just save your needful haste for a little bit so you can refresh your distracting shot cooldown. Offhand of preference is the Sambrog club from Sambrog (you guessed it). The R8 moors sword is a very good alternative to that, though, and seems to beat every other hunter offhand, minus the gold dagger.

    For earrings, I usually use Shadowstalker's Stud and the LLG earring (can obviously do better than that, but it works just fine).
    Bracelets are usually Wristband of the Footpad/Relic-robber's Bracelet, or the crafted agility bracelet/Relic-robber's Bracelet.
    For necklace, the gold crafted agility one, Sunbrand Necklace of Dexterity (162 agi/morale/crit defense output), or Gregolin depending on the situation but I prefer to not sacrifice the DPS from the gold necklace.
    Rings are Ring of Adamant Determination and Mooncandle Ring of the Huntsman (agility proc gold class ring).
    For the cloak, either Reclaimed Battlefield Cloak or Sereggol.
    Pocket is always the gold hunter class piece.

    Virtues: Determination, Tolerance, Fidelity, Valour, and Zeal, all 16.

    Class traits: 5b/1r/1y, since heightened senses is pretty much a requirement.

    On the subject of consumables, I typically go with light oils just to make things frustrating for creeps. The fire oil bleed seems to get worse and worse with each update. Bow-chants are always breachfinder, period, in both PvE and PvMP, the others are just awful.

    Altogether, it's possible to reach 40% mits, both physical and tactical, with the mit/vit-heavy gear I've mentioned, and 2600 agi/1100 vit with the DPS-heavy gear mentioned. Close to the same agi/vit with mits on, but you'll lose a lot of phys mastery.

    Frankly, I think it's all personal preference in the Moors though. Some hunters solo, some hunters are raid babies. If you have healing all the time, forget about mits or vit, just get aud and wear all DPS gear. If you hug a raid you shouldn't need much survival anyways, just use them for cover.
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