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    Evernight Leaderboard!

    Hello all.

    as the leaderboards soon will be gone i made this leaderboard after i saw Mere on snowy made one
    and i had the time today to make it.
    if anyone ranks then put a comment and i try to update it..
    going from rank 11+



    Captain-General Laphor
    Captain-General Soho
    Second Marshall Torii
    Second Marshall Seldina
    Third Marshall Chichobow
    Third Marshall Elmessias
    Third Marshall Xplorer
    Third Marshall Bungonir
    Commander Mado
    Commander Arval
    Commander Randhelm


    Second Marshall Pouch
    Second Marshall Marionar
    Third Marshall Proqsninja
    Third Marshall Brogo
    Commander Garazor
    Commander Ightdir


    Second Marshall Kedyto
    Second Marshall Toohey
    Commander Xionath
    Commander Rucagorn
    Commander Taravan
    Commander Almeric


    Captain-General Aniquilador
    Second Marshall Rejit
    Commander Porta


    Captain-General Rodin
    Second Marshall Jcwulf
    Third Marshall Langly
    Third Marshall Gootrek
    Commander Theboon
    Commander Garrafon


    First Marshall Evelien
    Second Marshall Magellanic
    Third Marshall Dharen
    Third Marshall Tanick
    Third Marshall Guiwinner
    Third Marshall Morondomir
    Commander Fiorana


    Third Marshall Quersen


    Captain-General Michellona
    Captain-General Bandodir
    Captain-General Kiisseli
    Second Marshall Zizel
    Second Marshall Elmariachi
    Second Marshall Spyrakos
    Third Marshall Rapunzelia
    Third Marshall Embolo
    Commander Dandore
    Commander Aelfeth
    Commander Narghast
    Commander Cestrad
    Commander Gildaora


    First Marshall Antonlas
    Second Marshall Garrafen
    Second Marshall Ilaciah
    Second Marshall Ataris
    Commander Stormstone
    Commander Ilanoril
    Commander Bullrog



    High Chieftain Farruquito
    Chieftain Baneoflol
    Chieftain Gugarath
    Commander Khul
    Commander Borzon
    Commander Exearus


    Tyrant Encornado
    Overlord Zuxxhini
    High Chieftain Thingo
    High Chieftain Zuxxini
    Commander Luglat
    Commander Grirz
    Commander Oruam
    Commander Fecktyfeck


    Overlord Spunkie
    Overlord Valdezz
    Chieftain Watchyourself
    Chieftain Akburnakh
    Chieftain Krozion
    Chieftain Malgaro
    Chieftain Vadori
    Chieftain Fleshmad
    Chieftain Zlaughter
    Commander Shagnasti
    Commander Bladz
    Commander Borzol
    Commander Nuntii


    Chieftain Cudreth
    Commander Pilkku
    Commander Inceywincey
    Commander Asboscum
    Commander Wuzut
    Commander Bewaretrapdoor


    Tyrant Dusky
    High Chieftain Axturiax
    High Chieftain Broxxoli
    Chieftain Bennytheball
    Chieftain Lozog
    Chieftain Athriom
    Commander Rrattz
    Commander Badarg
    Commander Gerthnash
    Commander Almenakh
    Commander Tarkhak
    Commander Left


    Overlord Hephburz
    High Chieftain Warboon
    Chieftain Shagraz
    Chieftain Posast
    Chieftain Xodus
    Commander Aghsmath
    Commander Spritmaagen
    Commander Kimimaro
    Commander Baldgash
    Commander Jzim
    Commander Peccz

    Thats it, tell me if i have missed someone or made any failure

    Hugs Quersen
    Last edited by Carlli; Mar 08 2014 at 06:44 AM.
    Quersen Rank 12 Warden - Evernight - proud member of The Fellowship Of Guardians



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