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    Need advice on Major legacy on a 1st age 2H.

    Hey everyone, I recently made my 1st Age 2H hammer and while sorting legacies I came across a problem that I couldn’t ask any other captain. That problem is as follows

    On my 2H weapon I have 3 major legacies;
    Telling Mark Damage
    Dev blow critical rating
    Pressing attack Critical rating

    I like the second two as my main orientation is to make the weapon a largely DPS weapon however I’m stuck on the question of whether to take Telling Mark damage or Kick cool down reduction.

    My kinnies looked at me in a no-brainer type way, more incoming damage on a DPS Legendary item is a must but thinking when it comes to Moors and PVE raids, surely the Kick cool down interrupt is certainly handy? I also added to the fact that in PVE raids, you most likely have another captain who has telling mark incoming damage and hence forth you can delegate the telling mark to him while you take revealing.

    So give your opinions please, I’ll post an image of the weapon later too. I don’t mind changing it to your opinion. Thanks!

    (Also, I know as a Captain using a 2H Hammer as a DPS weapon when Halberd and Sword have much favourable stats but I really don't like the look of them and the stat for me isn't something i'll loose sleep over)
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