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Thread: BaneofJazzHands

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    grats bane on r12 second r12 warg on server and first male r12 warg which makes this more important am i rite fellas.

    now i just have to decide which r12 warg i want to duo with more

    give me a sexy pose

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    Oct 2010
    Grats fire!! It's been fun 1v1-ing you and also warging up with ya. Best warg just got stronger, watch out everyone!


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    Congrats to my Fifihands!!!!!! One warg I am most happy to share high ranks with
    Onward to rank 13! ;P


    P.S. Shag, watch your back!

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    Well earned I suppose

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    Grats Fire fun seeing a warg sprint toward the fights

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    grats to a pro warg.

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    Grats fire! now race muzy to r13

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    Oh great, now you are going to win even more of our 1v1s and make me feel more fail!

    Well done Fire, really good warg keep showing those other wargs how you can use cd's to stay in fights and earn kills.

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    Gratz Bane! Beast of warg; I really enjoy watching you 1v1. Keep up the good work!

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    i will put you in a jail! if turbine give me that chance.

    Grats bad warg!

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    onward and upward

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    Grats Bane! Not going to lie after all the torture from rank 0-6 you've given me It feels nice to not be your first target anymore. I do love getting the KB on you...Makes for a little revenge on my end! Great warg and I think others should model their 1v1 game off yours.

    PS. I will beat you eventually...Give me like 4 more ranks =P

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    thanks all. onwards to r13. to reply to a few without quoting everything. Skmuzy don't hurt shag :P Thorf, if anything can be considered well earned in current state of moors, but I think playing the weaker side should make it somewhat more earned :P Cat that is what sprint was made for.. hurtling 1 towards towards death. Thanks bloin now come back! I need my favorite mini. Burz don't worry about that race I am racing you to 14 ./roar Merli we will see what happens, I expect to lose more but we will see. Qris I don't wanna go to jail... Nerd I suggest going to the rk school of merli he beats me pretty consistently haha. but I appreciate all the help you were to my rank, and you are getting better

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    grats nub

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    Grats, Bane. That's a lot of killin'

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    Grats Fire!

    Play your warg to R15 please.



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