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    Sep 2011
    Gda?sk PL

    Commander Trilogi

    Grats son, it was really quick, didn even notice that time from r10 to r11 lmao.
    U improved alot blablabla but what is best its always fun to melt freeps with you.
    hope u wont be faster than me to r12 hehehe

    gl either on hunter/reaver.

    pst i need some on hunter deed
    Overlord Jasiak Pokurw, Farmer of Froobz
    r7 BA
    r6 Champ

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    gratz noob <3
    Chocla 95 Minstrel (Fail Ezmoder) ~ Kraurshak R7 Warg (GTA 1v1 Ganker) ~ Qqmoarpls 41 Hunter
    "if i wanted i could go and actually become a lawyer " -belv

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    Gratz Welth, seems like u have been ranking fast lately. I dont know if creep is ezmode or freever is ezmode. Either way ur still a great guy to talk to in vent and u deserved it.
    Bromton [Rank 10 Captain] | Notbromton [Rank 7 Freever] | Starscreem [Rank 8 WL]

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    Gratz Welthpoop. I remember when you barely turned R10 and i was alrdy halfway done with R10 :P. Anyhow its always fun to group with you, jas and gara.(although Jas tends to run to the back of the fraid and die instantaneously) Now go feed me 35k on your hunter ;D

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    Dec 2012
    Woah Tril, what just happened??? You ranked like crazy there mate...
    Gratz, get on hunter more! I want some INFAMY going here, not the pathetic stuff I've been getting lately, 200 per day on a GOOD day. Got a sigil from a box, but screwed, nothing to use it on. So...yeah. Give me some of that infamy.
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
    @Celedreor-R5 Hunter
    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    Gratz my nubcake <3
    ( R13 LM Savvii Arkenstone )( R13 Defiler Ghankstar Landroval )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    Grats Welth! Speeding towards those b-ears I see. (:
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)



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