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    Quote Originally Posted by Grachuk View Post
    "Goblin Warg Rider" with shield and spear (with little similar warden skills), thats what would be nice, since we dont have anything what is even little similar to Warden Class.

    Mounts were used in Wars of Beleriand, and also during a battles in War of the Ring. Wargs were the only mounts for goblins and orcs, but Men of Mordor and Black Númenóreans were using black horses on which were used before Dark Magic to carry Servants of Sauron and resist any kind of fear. Uruks didnt use any mounts as they were able run day and night with great speed. The only creep who wouldnt need a mount would be Spider and Uruk then

    P.S Maps are just lore breaking idea and kind of teleport which is stupid. I really wish they could give certain high speed buff for spiders, Uruks and mounts for Orcs and Goblins if they would create any in future
    + Rep Ash for your lore education!

    That's what I had in mind about goblin scouts (ranged/melee spear on wargs) like those on ''Two Towers'' moovie on the way to Helm's deep..

    I amar prestar aen.. ''the world has changed..''

  2. Congratz mate

    My only feedback is to push that kinship revamp into priority list its really getting old and tired. It really hurts kins that they need to rely on external resouces for raid plan, events and such.
    Oh an housing upgrade.
    Oh and ban the clubbers.
    Oh and....hmmmm.....hmmmmmm.....p robably a million other things other asked for before.
    Oh and a gaming laptop for me ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Landrovas View Post
    Oh and ban the clubbers.
    Yeah,start with the one on the council perhaps?
    Oh noes i said it again... *runs and hides*

    @ Toffe,are you allowed to tell us what exactly you are going to do now? Like,are you just collecting feedback and passing it to some dev or sapience etc? Kinda interested in what you ppl do,but i suppose you cant tell Q.Q

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    Firstly, congrats on your appointment.

    1. Lag, lag and lag again. I started playing this game when Code------- ran it, the servers were in Europe and as I live in Europe my ageing PC did not mind the 50 m/s latency and my AGP graphics card could give me a screen frame rate of around 25 fps. With the relocation of the servers to Boston my ageing PC is labouring under the 150 m/s latency and subsequently the AGP graphics card is only managing 7 fps (maybe 10 fps when server is quiet) apart from making playing in large raids impossible it also means things like riding down hill towards the Last Homely House across the bridge 99 times out of 100 lands you in the river as your horse just not respond quickly enough to the sharp turn. So any chance of some dedicated European servers in Europe?
    2. Anniversary and Festival rewards should be account bound rather than bind on acquire.
    3. Less grind.
    4. Lag
    5. Lag
    6. Lag
    7. You've guessed it, lag is a big issue for me. We can't all go out and by new PC all the time.
    PS I can attribute my low ratings in PvP in Ettenmoors to the lag issues
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    I don't believe that we can post here anything that wasn't posted before.

    Anyway just to say something, kinships need some changes (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...evamp-Proposal - if 25 % of this was done, I would be happy), at least one more rank, officer mail and some tool to handle alliances perhaps.

    Old instances deserve better scaling. I imagine, that the way in which is it done now matches the progression of characters stats till lvl 65, but with the lets say exponencial rise after RoI are players simply too overpowered and even t2 OD looks like a bad joke to me. That ofc has something to do with grind, fun and challenges. And the grind is cause by missing locks. If raids were locked and challenges were still daily, we would have less grind for sure.

    I'm personally against barterable FAs, at least as long as it requires only t1 deeds. I'd prefer guaranteed FAs in t2 and challenge loot in erebor raids.

    One multi-boss raid would be awesome, especially a good, challenging one, which would worth doing for fun, not only for a loot.

    Harder instances should drop better loot than easy ones and I'd removed for example gold loot from t1 OD.

    What about adding "destroy all" button to pending loot list?

    Creating a war-steed outfits from meta-deed or reputation mounts, that you would receive with the mounts?

    Some changes in traits and skills are needed, outfits, housing, lags... But again, evrything has been said already.

    I wish you good luck!
    Earth is round. Nothing is impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaktiesKarys View Post
    5) crafting revamp in some future. One-use recipes are not very good (folks report lvl.85 weapons are entirely such). As Weaponsmith, at some level I have no quality weapons for us, Champions. Taking example from another mmorpg - I propose changes.
    Crafter should be able to add some status to weapon within given "borders". Example: crafted weapons can have 3 spaces to add something and each status (+might, fate...) costs some rare resources (like shards, guild emblems, polished stones).
    So, single-use recipes should be gone, replaced by standard ones. Single use may remain as a rare drop, but as add-on to standar. If I have iron sword recipe, I may find some "Dwarven Superior Iron Sword" single-use recipe.
    How this system could work?
    Present system: Elven-steel Greatsword. 66-110 Belerian damage, 35.1 DPS. It has +158,4 ICPR, 79 Maximum morale. Critical success: 72-120 damage, 38,3 DPS, +162 in-Combat Power Regen, +164 Maximum Morale.

    My proposal: starting with standard bonuses. Crafter is able to remove +ICPR and +Morale, replacing them with two (up to Tier 5) bonuses of his/her own taste. Thus, I could craft sword withm, say, +18 Might and +NN Maximum morale. However, adding +18 Might may cost me, for example, 10 Adamant shards, 10 Mithril-infused steel ingots, 50 khazad steel ingots, 20 adamants and 1 tier5 Weaponsmith Guild emblem.
    What constantly confronts me about the crafting is that there is no reflection of the potential quirks from crafting, inherent from making something. All day long, provided one has the knowledge and sufficient mats, he can churn through creating stacks of duplicate products. It doesn't make sense, and moreover, it limits the appeal of the output. If I can't use an item, and I'm not confident it will sell on AH, then it just becomes an exercise to watch bars fill up and empty the bags should they fill.

    Why can't we have the stats not be pre-determined? Okay, maybe for the most high tier stuff you may want that assurance that when I use X, (considering the ingredient/time cost) I will surely obtain Y and I have no complaint with keeping that set as it stands, but I think the game would benefit from less formulaic crafting. The worse outcome of a "bad" craft (item grants ill-fitting stats) is that you gain XP...Which is the case currently anyway.
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    we already have critical succes on crafting. Is your idea to add critical fail to that? or even more different outcome possibilities?
    In that last case I dread to think about the amount of required inventory space for crafting.
    [B][URL="https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?385713-Kinship-Revamp-Proposal"][COLOR=#ed2669]A vote for the kinship revamp proposal is a vote for progress! Vote today![/COLOR][/URL][/B]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alneder View Post
    I don't believe that we can post here anything that wasn't posted before.

    Anyway just to say something, kinships need some changes (http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...evamp-Proposal - if 25 % of this was done, I would be happy), at least one more rank, officer mail and some tool to handle alliances perhaps.
    Absolutely. I agree with you 100%.


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    Question mixed messages?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalderic View Post

    we already have critical succes on crafting. Is your idea to add critical fail to that? or even more different outcome possibilities?
    In that last case I dread to think about the amount of required inventory space for crafting.
    No, not crit fail. Differ the stats that the item provides when you make something.

    Also, I feel as if the early Epic Story feels awkward. Specifically around 25. My warden feels as if he's being pulled between both North Downs, and Lone Lands. I get a "Destination" auto-quest telling me to go to ND/Forsaken Inn (LL) after Bree, but the thing is that if I were to head North and quest there, I'm sure to be overleveled by the time I return to LL to continue the Epic Story questline. It feels like i'm being nagged by the game to go sort out something that should actually be super-important, even though the auto-quest suggests I head to Trestlebridge - from where I'm unable to presently follow the ES line.

    I'd just like to find out whether this is this how it's intended to be, that though one is given a split path after Bree, in actuality, progress can only be made by heading East, rather than North to Trestlebridge.
    Is there any plan for that discrepancy to be resolved, to keep early progression more inline?
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    Gz sorry I'm a bit late maybe some earlier pvp like Warhammer online sort of stuff and the warhorse induced lag needs sorted asap .
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    housing revamp

    I know there is a revamp coming soon but I'd like to know if there is a possibility if a shared wardrobe slot for the kinhouse.
    This would be an ideal place to put a kin uniform so that all the members can have access to it.

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    Good luck toffe make us proud

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    1) Better class trait options for creeps, they either must have or total garbage- Weaver Restoration trait
    2) Reduce freep classes lag, LM most importantly
    3) More complex raids not only lair boss grinds
    4) And its really time for new moors class- Ranged/Melee class with bit of CC or support skills: the Goblin/Evil men

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    This might seem trivial but cosmetic shields and weapons would be nice to see show up eventually. Long ways off, but Mordor would make for a great new PvMP area IMO. Mounted PvMP is a little unfeasible due to lag, but would also be fun.

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    Creep Class : Angmarin
    Revamp map, add more details.. Do it Mirkwood style maybe ?
    Revamp OD, Make it for lvl 85 not 75 Add maybe one more wing or just you know make it more "shiny"
    Delete RoR expansion (LOL)
    Make cap 65 again (LOL)
    Overall seriesly revamp old Instances but dont scale them,Add new feautures for 35-60 or so

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    Some kind of amazing KING crown avatar would be good for recomendation. I know few chars that deserved this crown as elite server pro players.
    Hello, my name is KingZ aka Crowarg aka Ganakus aka Killerhealer aka hobitpower aka Spyware
    Hello to my friends in ex Public Enemies, Champions of Middle Earth, War Wargs and B'astards Inglorius.

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    Thumbs down *TUNG*

    Quote Originally Posted by Toffeecake View Post
    Hi Withy!!

    I have been selected to join the Player Council for 2013. I would be interested to know of anything that you would like to bring up in the Council. On speaking to some already I have a few ideas of things to bring up to the council - and I know others on the Council will have their own ideas also from their own Servers

    If you have any ideas that you would like to have heard please either send me a tell/mail ingame or post a reply here.

    I hope I will do Withy proud

    Those clowns down at turbine need to change some of those horrible UI sounds, the flashing alert pop-up *TUNG* the IM sound *TUNG*.. i mean who in their right mind would approve that? oh.. the same ppl who almost released the game without mounts xD ... lotro is in need of a new company at the helm i hope there license runs out and they get curbed tbh.

    seriously, Toffee, i would be greatly indebted to you if you could quitely point this out to the "Team" whilst your in a position to be heard. the *tung sound is so robotic and foreign and horrible iam flawed that no one NO ONE on the development team for 7 years relised how much of a pain in the #### those noises are.. incredible. keep me posted.

    iam willing to put a fundraiser together to pay for the man hours needed to make this happen.. it's that bad man
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