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"Goblin Warg Rider" with shield and spear (with little similar warden skills), thats what would be nice, since we dont have anything what is even little similar to Warden Class.

Mounts were used in Wars of Beleriand, and also during a battles in War of the Ring. Wargs were the only mounts for goblins and orcs, but Men of Mordor and Black Númenóreans were using black horses on which were used before Dark Magic to carry Servants of Sauron and resist any kind of fear. Uruks didnt use any mounts as they were able run day and night with great speed. The only creep who wouldnt need a mount would be Spider and Uruk then

P.S Maps are just lore breaking idea and kind of teleport which is stupid. I really wish they could give certain high speed buff for spiders, Uruks and mounts for Orcs and Goblins if they would create any in future
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That's what I had in mind about goblin scouts (ranged/melee spear on wargs) like those on ''Two Towers'' moovie on the way to Helm's deep..