Army of Rivendell is a breakthrough kin led by Elincia, it's a rather large kinship and still needs some work doing and organisation improvements. But it's looking to be a good kin and highly recommended for those who aren't hard-core raiders. Although AoR do raids but not on a regular basis, maybe only once a week. They're a friendly bunch, motivated helpers and provide excellent hospitality. It's also a good kin if you're a chatty person, for there are many people to talk to and all sorts of personalities shine within the kin. The kin itself consists of mainly lower levelled players, but there are a handful of experienced players who I would consider to be well acquainted with knowledge of LotRO. I strongly recommend this kinship to those who are new to the game or a first-time player as you will find others within the kinship who are in the same situation as yourself and help will just be round the corner.

I hope this review of the kinship was useful to you.