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Thread: Moorish Stories

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    Moorish Stories

    I've missed Blackadder I most of us that can remember him have. His stories were always a welcome treat after a long boring day in the moors. Well I know I am no Blackadder but hopefully with some help from other peoples contributions we can try and fill the void that has been there ever since Adder left.

    Here is my first attempt at a story from the moors, pretty much a recap from todays actions, I hope you enjoy.

    The Captain and her Runekeeper

    As a breeze whipped though the mighty auroch Rockwither’s legs and wafted over to the two travelling companions Merlinros was reminded of one pungent fact, aurochs don’t bathe. The elf wrinkled his slender nose in distaste, the smell cut straight through him, it made his skin itch from his pointed ears down to his toes. He tried not to show his primness, Commander Farriel by his side, his long standing Captain didn’t suffer foppishness at all. She was a hard woman, good in a fight, quick to encourage and help, yet just as quick to point out your short comings.

    Merlin was digging around in his rune-satchel pretending that he was sorting out his rune-stones for the days hunt, when to be honest only four of them were actually inscribed rune-stones, the rest were mere rocks. To be more honest he was really just waiting for the tears to leave his eyes and the taste of auroch groin to leave his mouth. He heard a soft almost indiscernible sigh from Farriel, then he heard the hoofbeats and had to stop himself from sharing in Farriel’s sigh.

    Merlin’s daughter Swyyper road up on her steed with the bigmouth Shagnificent at her side. Swyyper turned to Merlin and gave him a cheery smile then the same for Farriel as she continued to trot on by at a slow canter, her steed glistening in the sunlight. Merlin was about to return the greeting as Shag chimed in “Better hurry up old man or we’ll kill everything before you get a chance”. Merlin gritted his teeth he knew there was no point jibing back at Shag, it only encouraged him but he couldn’t help himself “My runekeeper captain duo is better than yours Shag”.
    Farriel quickly chipped in “We’re just resting after finishing off Chirontheirish and five of his underlings. They were bullying the hobbits of hoarhallow, we rode in and stomped them”. Shag gave a snort of derision before adding “Brag more about killing children” he laughed and kicked his mount into a gallop as he and swyyper sped off along the Auroch river to take them to the most dangerous part of the ettenmoors that day, beside the new elf camp, word had been spread that it was a death trap to head there.

    Farriel slapped Merlin on the back ordered him on his horse and yelled “Move”. Merlin jumped on that horse straight away tore off after his daughter and her terrible choice in hunting companions. Farriel was slightly ahead as they pulled themselves out of the river and ready to push their way ahead of Shag and Swyyper, however neither was to be seen. The ground felt unnaturally cold to Merlin, he only ever got this sense of foreboding when he was in deep trouble, he was about to warn Farriel to be ready when the first warg took a bite out of his leg. He stumbled with the pain and dropped his rune-satchel, Farriel screamed at him to get up and he felt strength fill his legs. He dove along the ground, grabbed his favourite runestone and sprang to his feet ready to unleash his fury on that warg. With a flash the warg disappeared before his eyes, and two more hit him in the back. Farriel called to him once more but she was cut off as she fended off an arrow. Chirontheirish came screaming out of a hedge of bushes and landed a massive blow with his shield to Merlin’s face. The rest of the fight became quite fuzzy to the rune-keeper, he faintly remembered more warg teeth, a few reaver blades and the odd arrow here and there, not to mention a plethora of curses coming from Farriel.

    As Merlin opened his eyes he realized he was back in Glan Vraig, Farriel and he had been well and truly trounced, pay back for the fights at Hoarhallow obviously. “Sorry Farr”, Merlin apologized to Farriel “I dropped my satchel again” her response was another sigh. A moment later Shagnificent and Swyyper appeared in the rez circle beside them. Shag sneered at Merlin and gloated “We got one kill in that zerg over there how’d you two go” a mocking grin on his face the whole time. Merlin didn’t reply he just looked at Farriel with a sheepish grin. Farriel sighed one final time.
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