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    Dwarrow's own Council Reps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    The following individuals have been selected to participate in the LOTRO Player Council program. They represent many play styles, countries, and walks of life. We look forward to hearing their feedback and suggestions.

    While we are sharing their names, please remember that council members cannot discuss their actions or activity as a member of the council.



    • Mithall USA
    • Threndinir USA
    Congrats on being chosen!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exion_Blade View Post
    Congrats on being chosen!
    Thank you so much! I am more than a little nervous about it... I applied so that I could help in any way possible. I welcome any tells from any Dwarrow player if anyone would like to discuss ideas. Forewarned though, I am under NDA and will not break that trust put in me. That said, I believe I am here to listen and to try to present your ideas to Turbine. Turbine chose the council so that they could have a new way to guage the feelings and opinions of the populace... the forums tends to attract the negative and opinions are a little skewed. The idea is to seek out more balanced opinions.

    Please give the council idea a little while to develop and then we will see if we can bring about positive updates and changes to this game. Thren
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    Thank you, I will do my best to represent those who share their ideas. Must admit I'm a little nervous as well Thren lol. Once we receive more information I will create a thread for people to share their concerns. -Mithall

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    Gratz on being selected to a most honourable and prestigious position of the council,

    I voted for you remember that,

    now can you pass along this thread to the grand council?
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    Hope this initiative will benefit the lotro community...



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