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    Question U10 BA Corruptions

    was wondering what corruption builds are most BAs running after this big update where freeps gained a decent amount of dps and morale in U10. also is my current build good or how can i improve it?

    my current build is H4P2,H4D2,1 crit def and 3 crit rating. at r10 my morale pool is 20558, crit def is 30.8% and about 37% phys/tact mits(belerand,light,lighting,f ire) but with wl protection aura and defiler slick flesh my stats r 21600 morale, 39% crit def and 44% mits.

    I play on brandy and i am mostly in pvp raids/groups and if not then gv camps or shuffles. the point of that build is so that in raids i can stand near my group's dps banner which gives a sweet +10% damage boost which is usually closer to the front lines so being squishy will get me blown up instantly when freep leader is tab-ing for squishy targets.(also that -10% attack duration buff from that one wl skill is a nice bonus too.)

    and in groups this also is a steady build and those 3 crit rating which puts my crit chance at 24% gives me quite a good dps boost since ba's strongpull/default attack spam can lead to lots of chances for crits and a lovely crit on vt or revenge timed right or both can spell death for freeps.
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