LOTRO /Music is a new fansite devoted to the Lord of the Rings Online player music system. The goal of the site is to provide players who wish to learn to use the music system a one stop resource of information and tools to become expert LOTRO musicians. LOTRO /Music will feature in depth guides to every aspect of the music system from the basics of playing solo tunes to playing in a band to creating your own ABC files using a variety of methods. The site will also provide a database of high quality ABC files freely available for public use. In order to maintain a standard of high quality for the ABC files, every file will be tested and only files that meet our standards will be posted.

LOTRO /Music News will be a weekly post every Friday that reports on all of the musical events happening across the realms of Middle-earth. The site also utilizes the Group feature of MyMiddle-earth to provide a calendar of upcoming events. Keep yourself posted on all the awesome concerts, musicals and other events that LOTRO players offer.

We also plan to do feature articles on various musical groups, prominent players involved with the music system and their creative work.

LOTRO /Music is just getting started. There is still much work to be done to get the site to where we would like it to be to serve the music community. So what can you do to help?

Are you experienced in the LOTRO music system? Consider writing a guide. Do you create ABCs? Consider submitting some to LOTRO /Music's database. Are you holding a musical event or know of one on your server? Let us know about it. Do you enjoy attending musical events? Consider submitting a short write up about them to our news post.

All contributions should be sent to the site administrator at fionnualaalphroval (at) gmail.com

We hope that LOTRO /Music will be a helpful resource to everyone who enjoys the music system.