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    Question on 4 set bonus of Perserverence set

    Hi guys, I tested the 4 set perserverence bonus of make haste curing slows and providing 5s of immunity.

    I found that when I fall down and have falling injuries (running slower), it does not cure it, can anyone confirm if falling injuries cannot be cured with the 4 set per set bonus? Thanks.

    Are these cures only for those inflicted by enemy mobs such as debuffs?
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    Sounds about right, most if not all movement speed boosts (e.g. Champion sprint) do not work if you use them while having falling injuries.

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    Falling injuries are special kind of slows that can not be cured but only prevented with skills such as burgs have and consumables and tomes that work specifically to prevent them.

    Also, you will see most weavers not breaking legs since they have a race trait that makes them immune to them.

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    Ye i remember that and was disapointed too
    If i recall the guardian sprint(when mirkwood improved version was added) and was the only one that was ignoring the special slow debuff which was fixed some update later.
    Captain set immunity is not supposed to remove it i think either.
    It can be a 45s runspeed buff tho and it sounds kind of OP.

    Better if you ask me i hate this debuff. You should lose some portion of your morale and get a MAX 6-8s slow debuff. Then what the burg skill and the weaver trait would do? half the damage from the fall that any other class would take without any of these buffs

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