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    Dailystats site shutting down

    Hey all,

    as Turbine has stated in their forums, They've announced that they're taking down the PvMP leaderboards with no replacement or API available to replace it.

    With that said, dailystats.theblackappendage.c om will be shut down and cease to exist. Many pvpers game wide are very upset at this but unfortunately there is not much that can be done at this point.

    I am working with Vyxe on getting some of the info such as the Manuals and maps moved back over. But the Daily stats site will shut down.

    Here is a message from V:

    They've announced that they're taking down the PvMP leaderboards with no replacement or API available to replace it. Therefore, when that occurs, the Daily Stats site will become non-functional.

    I appreciated the opportunity to help you all out as well as go through a significant learning phase about good database design for truly massive databases (right now, the daily stats database is at 16.4 gb).

    It's been a fun road from the very first data gathered on Feb 16, 2009 and I again truly thank Erasmus for the idea and initial site build, Akulz from picking it up and maintaining the data scraper for probably near 6 months before I built the new interface on top of it, and for all of you who offered great suggestions and helped populate the site with awesome things, not least of which being the Monster Manual.

    Again, it's been fun folks, so long and thanks for the fish!
    Vyxe, retired-creep

    Stats for who cares about it.

    On any typical day this site picks up between 2,500 and 3,000 unique IPs visiting this site (with bots being filtered out)

    In general, people on average click through 3.7 pages

    In the past month, the breakdown of visitors came from these countries largely

    26% from the United States
    23% from Germany
    7% from the UK
    7% from France
    3% from Canada
    3% from the Netherlands
    2% from Austria
    2% from Finland
    2% from Sweden
    2% from Greece
    At the busiest time of day, the part of the time that you all make my server crash, this site handles up to 40 requests per second with approximately 60 people using the site simultaneously.

    Yicky(R13) Weaver - Now Arkenstone{LOTRO Player Council member 3 years}
    The Black Appendage of Sauron - Leader
    Orenia | Shaxell | Ornethia: Misadventurers Kinship - Arkenstone

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    that's a bummer, thanks to vyxe and anyone else who helped keep that site running. was a nice tool.

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    Wow that sucks =/



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