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    Jan 2011
    North Carolina

    Ancient Defenders of the Stone (Elendilmir)

    Hi everyone,

    Our kinship started as a few friends playing together but many left the game and a couple moved on to heavy raiding. So, what to do with a Level 10 kinship with a fully furnished house? Seems a shame to disband so instead I'm looking to rebuild.

    Kinship goals:
    The kinship is focused on helping each other and enjoying the game. This doesn't exclude raiding, but it's not the focus of our kinship. We want to enjoy all levels and features of the game. We hope to grow membership to where you will always find a few members online to travel with whatever the level of your character. Enjoyment and respect are the main goals.

    Membership is open to all but maturity is expected -- this does not refer to age but instead to attitude. If you do not "play well with others" you will not be welcome. Simply treat others as you wish to be treated: be friendly, help out the newbies where you can, contribute to the kinship resources (don't just take).

    That's it. If you're looking to enjoy the game and not simply rush for the latest l33t uber gear, give us a try.

    Message me or send an in-game tell to any of my alts if you see them online:

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    Sep 2009
    Just joined, I would recommend it to any style of player. We can all have some fun.



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