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    Grats on Rank 10 Madame

    Think this happened a day or two ago, and didn't see a thread. Knew about it since Madame is in my freep kin. I think runs solo for most of the time. People probably don't notice when Burgs rank much. If they're doing their jobs, people only notice them briefly, and sometimes fatally.
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    Grats madame

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    Worst. Burg. Ever.

    Why I hate him: (yes, HE plays a female toon, what a dork)

    1. He nearly always manages to re-stealth even after me and my friends have tracked him with every conceivable tracker we can get our hands on.

    2. He picks on the weak. It's true. You won't see him leading the charge against the raid like any hero would, that coward. He often camps pathways and waits for those creeps without maps. It's not a 1v1, it's a pure and simple gank!

    3. For some reason, even after I use my 100% reflect, a devour heal, a burrow that heals me to full, a shout-out to /ooc for a full minute, and another reflect (this time possibly with friends at my side) he still... manages... to kill me. And then he corpsejumps! WHY!!!

    Those are just some reasons. I'm too angry to think of more. I hate him.

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    bahaha grats man



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