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    Captain looking for Kin

    Hey there.

    About Me:
    My name is Fanthorn. I am a captain, currently level 50. I am semi-new to the game and completely new to any form of end game/raids/instances. I played when the game first came out, took a break when I joined the military, started up a few years later, took another break for gosh knows why and I started up about a week ago. My highest level is a 68 Loremaster but he is on a different server. I decided to reroll to a Captain. My experience in dungeons is limited in Lord of the Rings online but my experience in MMO's is not. I've played them all with extensive experience in end game. I consider myself a above average player. I level and learn quickly and I spend many hours on the game. My character is only 5 days old and already level 50.

    Looking for:
    I"m looking for a kin that can help with leveling wherever its needed, answer questions and also does end game. I know nothing about end game in this game. I have read some of the fights. The Lieutenant sounds challenging.


    I'm looking for a heavy roleplaying guild. A guild that's almost always in character, has gatherings and has IN CHARACTER kin chat. Can't find a way to justify in character kin chat in heavy roleplay? Then sorry but you just aren't creative enough for me.

    Side note: I will not register for a guild on any forum website. I like to keep my Lord of the Rings Online experience in game. If you need to interview me you can do so in game. I will use Vent or Teamspeak, but I will not register on any website. Sorry.
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    The Hunters of the West

    We are always open to new active members and treat one another as family.

    Hope this helps in your decision,
    Albedeous, Kinsman of the Hunters of the West

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    If you want endgame grouping join Ascension or Shadows and Flame....everyone else is dead.



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