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    I agree - the loss of character data and lorebook info is sad to see. It's one of the reasons I come to lotro.com, even with much of the lorebook info being out of date. Like one poster above, I had hoped to go the other direction and have more accurate/up-to-date information in the lorebook to make it a more useful tool.

    Am I going to stop playing the game? Definitely not. Will I visit the forums as often? Definitely not.

    This would be one of those things that feedback from the upcoming player council would be interesting to hear.
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    In a way i like the fact Altfinder is getting killed, i dislike that kind of website, but i am sad PVMP leaderboards will eventually be stopped, but over all i dont really care :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post

    • Character and guild data will be discontinued. Please note that this will also impact any systems that rely on character data including PVMP leaderboards, Character Signatures, and API functionality (data.lotro.com).

    The character log is an important method of reconciling the TP actually received to the TP that should have been received when deeding.

    As best I can tell TP award issues are either new or magnified after the 1Q maintenance... certainly the forums are more active on the topic than I have previously seen and it is the first time I have noticed significant deltas on my account.

    What tools will we have to see a Deed completion log in some way to be able to validate (and demonstrate to customer service) that we deserve TP we should have received through deeding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmonello View Post
    RIP Lotro website


    RIP Dailystats, Lotroaltfinder

    let the creep farmers farm unnoticed forever, and make rank even more meaningless

    its ok if most people want a better community experience with the game site
    but as a game like lotro, with all its magnitude, money involved and players involved,
    you cant just ignore the pvp portion. after all the only thing a free player can't get any way
    in the store is going pvp with his toons. it looks like turbine just ignores this opportunity
    This ^^

    I'd honestly rather have dailystats.theblackappendage.c om over this forum website. If you guys are going to keep butchering Pvmp then at least make Pve worth while in this game. It's pretty simple if you want to improve site performance just make two sites.. one dedicated for pvmp with leader boards and pvmp forums only then the other for all the dumb pve and festival &&&&, I guarantee you the pvmp one would get more users.

    Also find it funny how Sapience is ignoring all the posts to do with pvmp.. your job must suck having to bring bad news with every post you make. :P

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    I hope these changes include a secure login. I'm tired of having my account name and password sent across the internet unencrypted since last fall.

    Regardless of anything else that happens, that is the most important change I hope to see.

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    So, anyone figured out how to extract item stats from the game data yet?
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    Awesome news for fightclubbers, now you can farm as much as you like with practically zero chance of being caught! One step forwards (discussing potentially tracking & banning fightclubbers), ten steps back.

    Forums that perform well & character data/APIs are by no means exclusive (see the multitude of other MMO companies that provide similar functionality). You are completely shutting down sites like PvMP Daily Stats, which reports 2.5-3k unique visitors per day. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given Turbine's apathy towards the PvMP community, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakiami View Post
    So, anyone figured out how to extract item stats from the game data yet?
    This is already possible. The structure and content of the .dat files, while complex, are actually pretty intelligible. While it might be permissible to reverse engineer for personal use, it would probably be a violation of the EULA (not to mention copyright law) to publish the resulting data.

    Most game companies turn a blind eye to this practice, because the resulting publicity benefits both the game and its players. However, I would still recommend anyone interested in publishing that information obtain explicit permission from Turbine before they begin their efforts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinDragon View Post
    And there's always Lotro-Wiki to replace the Lorebook, which is honestly more up-to-date than the Lorebook is anyway.
    ...and more out of date in some areas. This change will certainly expose any dependency lotro-wiki had on getting info from the Lorebook. Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem...

    I think Turbine underestimates the value of having an external reference of what is in game. I would keep the current forum quirks to get an up to date Lorebook (and therefore up-to-date plugins)... but they won't know the impact until later, and like other business decisions, it will be tied into many other things and be hard to separate. So they operate on what instinct they have.

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    Unhappy I rarely make comments BUT

    It seems we are loosing all the usefull bits and retaining the unimportant stuff or am I missing the point ?

    Outside of the game things people need are item and quest data and charactor data .
    So we are loosing all charactor data, item data, third party apps ?

    For the sake of a forum ? which isn't used much ?

    I dont pvp but I can see that the pvp people will be annoyed as they need to do the whos got the most points thing.

    Am I missing something ? If its too much effort to give item and charactor data then would be better to just say so , its always been "beta" so we can't really complain ( we can be annoyed / sad but we don't have a leg to stand on ) . Just would seem more honest to say that the data side of things was too much effort to support so you are stopping it and cutting down the forums.

    This is going to hurt a lot of kinships who rely on 3rd party apps for charactor data and items and for people with multicharactors but I'm sure we will survive and adapt to the loss .

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    Deleting the Lorebook articles is not a move I like. There is valuable information in there.

    We could copy them, but there are several problems. First of all if a bunch of us start crawling the site that wouldn't be good for performance. Second, as no license and copyright information for these articles is posted (is there?) it would be problematic to simply copy them to -say- lotro-wiki.

    Maybe the old Lorebook could be kept as a readonly copy?

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    Just noticed my join date has been reset - i assume thats linked to the GTC bug for eu players

    Also im assuming that all the clan / guild hosting sites will no longer work after this change ? as they get their data from lotro.data and the lorebook ? So we will need to end these contracts , it would be nice to know when the data etc. will actually go offline so we can close kinsites at a reasonable time.

    What use will the community site be afterwards - will it just be forums ? IF so its going to be even less used than it is now .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredelas View Post
    I hope these changes include a secure login. I'm tired of having my account name and password sent across the internet unencrypted since last fall.
    Agreed. Also, as charming as it is to be logged out constantly for no apparent reason, I'm hoping that ends as well.
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    Question Will the change fix the error?

    Nice to see some changes/updates coming.

    But I wonder, will the update also remove the tragic error of "Error: An error occurred while processing your request. We apologize for the inconvenience." on the my.lotro.com home page I have had since the server migration, or is that issue still being simply ignored for the many of us who have ended up not using the website, given the lack of base functionality?

    I know I for one would love a fix to this finally, I've tried all that people suggested, and to this day the error stays the same, no matter what PC I log in from, or what OS/Browser I use.

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    The answer to that is probably yes - We have suffered that error mainly as i understand it due to codemasters using a different format for kin and charactor data to turbine . This was never resolvable hence the data didnt exist and you got that wonderful loop . After these changes there wont be any charactor or kin data associated with your login as it is all being removed so the loop shouldn't occur . But there will only be forums to see so do you actually care ;(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredelas View Post
    I hope these changes include a secure login. I'm tired of having my account name and password sent across the internet unencrypted since last fall.

    Regardless of anything else that happens, that is the most important change I hope to see.
    This is a major concern of mine and many others as well. Would very much appreciate a heads-up on this.

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    Well, as an EU player who's myLotro and kinship stuff never ever fully or properly worked anyway, I guess I'm not losing all that much myself. It'd be nice never to see the "..an error has occurred" message again. And extra speed sounds like a real bonus. But I guess if all those extra things had worked, I'd have been sorry to lose them, so I can see where people are coming from.

    Does this mean the site will come out of Beta then? After a mere 6 years...
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    Would there be any plans to reintroduce character/PvMP data in the future?

    Apart from lulzing through the forums, that was basically the only thing related to this community website I came here for.

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    Will we have any chance to get leaderboards in a different way?
    It would make me quite sad if they won't be accessible anymore
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    I think many players would be dissapointed if the leaderboards would disappear.

    We like to watch the dailystats (which are based on the information of the leaderboards) to see what the freeps/creeps we are interested in achieved yesterday.
    I hope you can find a way to keep the leaderboards working (maybe in a way that the new forums won't suffer from it.)

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    I think it is important not to underestimate the issues surrounding custom add-ons to third-party software. I write and maintain collaboration software for my company. We have an ongoing debate over "buy vs build". So far we mostly continue to "build", simply because it gives us control over our environment. When we want to add things, or fix problems, at least we understand the code we are working with.

    In a few case we have gone the "buy" route, and we tend to hit problems eventually because almost inevitably it turns into "buy and build" in order to customise it to our needs. This is really the worst of all worlds, as you end up trying to extend code that you didn't write, and only think you understand. Things you think are simple turn out to have all sorts of unintended consequences buried deep with bits of the code that you never anticipated. In addition, you can also find your self locked out of being able to migrate to newer version of the bought-in software as internal interfaces and data structures change.

    My experience is that you have to sick with one of "buy" or "build", and only use the documented customisation capabilities of the "bought" systems. That way you have some hope of creating a maintainable environment. Fortunately I only have to deal with a relatively small user base of under 200k users. The numbers involved in Turbine's operation really increase the risks involved enormously.

    I suspect that the current forums have been destabilised by the custom add-ons that have been created over the years. While it is a hard decision to sacrifice some or all of those, it is probably the only way to return the forums to stability and to reliably deliver their core functionality.

    Perhaps the "lost"functionality could be restored later, but as a standalone service, not as add-ons to the forums. There is perhaps scope to tap into the skills of the community by providing a data export service so that others could create the functionality that the community values.

    Note: Fortunately I saved this post before hitting Submit,, as the forum logged me out (yet again) while writing this. if anyone doubts these changes are necessary, that amply illutrates the current problems!

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    Wow, Talk about cutting services to the bone.

    I knew things were bad considering the Lorebook had effectively been discontinued a year or two ago but wow.

    (/slowclap) Congratulations, 2007 is calling and its saying Welcome Back!

    Hmm now that i read that that just sounds rude.

    ... And yet I'm going to stand with it.
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    End of leaderboards update ? = Turbine's 6th anniversary celebrating gift to clubbers.. Many gratz for this.. ./clap clap clap

    All know that daily pvp stats are the mirror of pvp action and it ll be a terrible mistake to stop updating..

    This will bring low quality/activity pvp action in every server and soon many players will loose their interest for pvp..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tawel View Post
    XML that stores images, really? Not without converting them to Base64 it isn't, which translates to a potential monster file depending on the number of images. I don't have a blog here so I can't say for sure where blog images are being stored, locally or if they make you upload to a third party site, but my suggestion would be to backup all the images used in your blogs. Just saying.
    The MyLotro Blogs are Wordpress blogs. The way wordpress exports it's content is by creating an xml with all the text information and formatting data, it doesn't include the physical images, but links to them which when you upload the xml into a different copyt of wordpress (and many other compatible blog systems) triggers the blog to access those pictures and upload them into the the blog. However, i agree make sure you back everything up manually, wordpress export/import can be very temperamental, especially with blog that have a lot of content and especially if there's a lot of images attached to that blog.

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    As I find it sad we're losing so much information I'm just wondering how can it be that there are quite a few other games out there that are able to maintain a working community site with access to game data like character details, item details, leaderboards etc.
    It's been said by others before me but Lotro was already behind on this and I really was hoping for an improvement rather than a complete shut down of these services..
    Though if these services are 100% certain the reason of the troubles this community site is having I understand they are disappearing.. However isn't it worth the effort of investigating if data.lotro.com could be separated from the community website but still access the database(s) where all the data is stored..

    It's not just leaderboards that are being displayed by 3rd party websites using these data sources.. there's a lot of kinship sites that are based on Guildlaunch for example which uses the data API as well to display character data and people use these for various social purposes.. a simple example would be to check if that fellow kinmember that has his/her birthday soon needs a certain crafted item as a surprise gift..

    I really won't say I will quit Lotro or stop using the forums if these data sources would become unavailable.. I just hope to touch your social feelings a bit here Sapience, and perhaps you could poke the tech team one more time to see if there really isn't any way of preserving access to this.. and maybe even improve them.. *pushing my luck here *
    If it's stroopwafels they need.. I guess those can be delivered!

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