Hello to all new players!

We are a new kinship with 20 members, mainly from New Zealand, America and we wish to make a bigger European community on Firefoot. We welcome all classes, all levels, all races, all nations. The most welcome are of course New Zealanders, american players because we understand each other good in our mother-language, but others are also welcome. We mainly participate in instances and skirmishes and quests. We like fun and wanna make this game fun for everyone, we always help each other, mainly in quests, materials for crafting, and anything else. So if just YOU are interested in new prospering kinship, you are very welcome!!!

Only thing you need to do is writing a in-game mail to me "Dayrider"or "Rohanee" as a leader and Officer and wait for my answer.

May the stars guide you on your path!

Our Kinship is rank 7.