Suilaid Moors Warriors,

Here are a couple vids of the action last night...maybe it wasn't epic, but it was fun.

To the freeps that were rolling with me, thanks for being patient, taking the wipes, and
going back for more. You can see from the bear fight to the tr fight we improved our
focus fire and group coordination immensely...look forward to continuing to dust off my raid leading skills
(did I say skill? well you know what I mean...)

The Battle at the Bears:

The Battle at TR:

Ok - now for the punchline...see the excerpt below from a post on the MeM news

It's time. What started as prank between way old school kinny (Pemareth) and myself, actually the prank was being played on Dylan and a couple others that are no longer with us, grew into something much more than was ever intended. From prank, to convenient cover for my true identity, to a total role play and a completely new's been very interesting. But alas, Ell is not a mother, she's a father! No $h!t ! My life has a changed, I no longer have 200 techno-weenies that play mmo's working for me (so my professional need for cover is gone), I am tired of mucking about with voice mod, and, finally, I am sad to say the role play that was Ell is now I am just Ell, the guy that plays chic toons cuz I'd rather look at their asses than, well...other asses...let's not even get into dwarves.

So - hehehehehe.....if you want to know what I really sound like, watch the vid!

Good Hunting,