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    Shadow and Flame (Arkenstone) is Recruiting


    Shadow and Flame is focused on completing the most difficult end-game content that Middle Earth has to offer. While our primary focus is raiding we do enjoy all aspects of Lord of the Rings Online. The ultimate goal of our kinship is to foster an enjoyable gaming experience for our members whatever their gaming style is.

    Shadow and Flame has a strong foundation of active, fun loving, and experienced players who are, for the most part, older gamers who juggle family and career with our active gaming schedule. We are looking for mature people of integrity who enjoy being part of a team.

    Never raided before but want to learn? One of the aspects of Shadow and Flame that I am most proud of is the willingness of its members to mentor new players. We believe that with enough patience and hard work any player can develop the skills needed to become a successful raider.

    Whether you are looking for a group of battle hardened raiders to face down the evils of Middle Earth or just want to socialize with a bunch of wonderful people Shadow and Flame may be the place for you. While we do ask that our applicants be 21 or older we do allow the children of kinmates who play LOTRO to join. Check us out at the link above for more details. You can also contact the following officers in game either through mail or tells: Williwaw, Maragold, Keewee, Seonsson, Varletiana, Valariana, Ildellyn, Ishaba, Lolyziia, Nydhogg, Pipsqueek, and Rileth.

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    We are proud to unveil Shadow and Flame's new banner:

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    Shadow and Flame's first run at T2 Smaug was a success! We downed the grim twice once we had our strat figured out!

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    Recruitment continues for Shadow and Flame with a focus on recruiting an active Guardian and Lore Master. If you are interested in our kinship contact an officer!

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    Shadow and Flame takes down Smaug T2C!

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    Shadow and Flame takes down Battle for Erebor T2

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    Shadow and Flame takes down T2 Flight!

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    Shadow and Flame is currently looking for Daytime (CST; GMT -6) players to fill out the ranks of European players who have joined us in recent months. We are primarily looking for Tanks, Healers, and another Lore Master who are interested in raiding.

    Contact us here for more information:


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    Shadow and Flame is currently recruiting! Contact us if you are interested!

    I just realized I forgot to post our last milestone before HD came out!

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    Shadow and Flame has returned to Arkenstone. Rumors of our kinship sailing west were greatly exaggerated!

    Shadow and Flame is busy recruiting again looking for raiders, those who would like to learn to raid, pvpers, and casual gamers alike are welcome!

    If you are interested in joining please visit our website or look up one of our officers in game!

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    For contact purposes, our current roster of officers are as follows:

    Maragold aka Williwaw
    Keewee aka Laquita aka Foxxie aka Rhubarb
    Seonsson aka Cappin aka Seondoc aka about 30 other capped toons
    Valariana aka Varletiana
    Flintwestwood aka Lagmeister
    Nydhogg aka Captain Europe
    Pipsqueek aka Pixiee
    Ishaba aka Ronish
    Lolyziia aka Ziio
    Rileth aka Tauriel
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    Shadow and Flame would like to welcome all newcomers to Arkenstone! Regardless of what server we play on Middle Earth has been our home for nearly a decade now. If you are looking for a kinship to share in your adventures speak to any of Shadow and Flame's officers or visit our website here: Shadow and Flame Kinship

    Shadow and Flame is an extremely active kin that features weekly raids, pvp, instance runs, and regular social events. We are looking for mature players who wear their kinship tags with pride and want to contribute to our family rather than just follow along. If this sounds like you look us up!

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    Shadow and Flame is currently recruiting Minstrels, Lore Masters and Tanks (wardens/guards) even Beornings. Check website : http://shadowandflamekinship.guildlaunch.com/

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    I can join if ya need a LM !



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