With the 6th Anniversary of LOTRO, a lot of players are still interested in the Shadows of Angmar content. Veteran players enjoy the content for old times’ sake and newer players who are just curious to see and experience this fantastic content.
Unfortunately, this content gets skipped too often and/or overlevelled players run the vanilla content, removing the challenge that was intended.

The idea is to form a kinship, The Saviours of Eriador, and enjoy the low level content. Using the XP disabler ‘Stone of the Tortoise’, the leveling will be capped at level 50. Post Shadows of Angmar content will not be visited/used for now. This might change in the future, if the focus is shifted towards Moria. Therefore all classes, including Wardens and Rune-Keepers, are accepted in Saviours of Eriador. So dust of your alts, or create a new one and join Saviours of Eriador!

If you are worrying about buying the Stone of the Tortoise from the LOTRO store, fear not! Enough TP can be earned on your way towards level 50. Doing deeds with your Kinmates will surely make it easy obtainable.

• Max level of kin members is level 50. Usage of Stone of the Tortoise is required. Other possible level-caps are:
Level 20/25: The Great Barrow Instance
Level 32: Garth Agarwen
Level 42: Fornost

• Enjoy the Shadows of Angmar content with on level kin members. Help your kinmates with quests, Epic Book fellowships, crafting and other events.

• Experience The Rift and Helegrod as it should be!

• No skirmishes, LOTRO store (aside of the XP disabler), no legendary items

Please contact me on the Evernight server: Barristann or Gjoene, or visit the website (under construction: http://savioursoferiador.guildlaunch.com/)

Kind regards,