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    Forgot Password and Probably Username, Email Unusable

    Hello, all! ^-^

    ...So I was a regular player until about six or seven months ago, when my laptop crashed and I lost my download. I just didn't have time to download again, so I took a bit of a hiatus. Now I've got some freetime and would really like to reconnect with the gameworld and my guild. Sadly, I came back to this problem:

    I can't remember my exact username, and it seems the login has undergone some changes while I was away. (Like, is the account-name listed on the left of your character page what you use to log in?) I've completely forgotten my password, and either my email has been hacked or I've got the password wrong for that too. -_- So there's no way for me to recover my lotro password.

    I went ahead and made a new account (...no duh), and I emailed Turbine a week ago today, but is there *anything* else I can do? I'd be sick if I had to start all over--I put a lot of time into that account, I had one character at level 29--not to mention a lot of fond memories.

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    I'd recommend calling Turbine tomorrow. Responses to online tickets are taking a very long time right now.

    As long as you remember the name of at least one server and character, and can convince Turbine you're the owner by providing a reasonable number of account details (such as your name, previously registered email address, signup date, payment information, purchase history), they will probably change the email address on your account so you can recover the account name and password.

    You can call from 10 AM to 7 PM U.S. Eastern Time, seven days a week, at +1 (855) 924-2637. (You can also call that number using Skype or Google Talk if you're outside North America.)

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    Hey, i live in Scotland (not sure if that changes anything) and im having exactly the same problem. To make it worse neither of these phone numbers are working for me, landline or mobile. i put loads of effort into it and i had tons of cosmetics, gold cap remover and loads more, it'd be such a waste to just have to create a char.


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    to have to create a new account**

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    When calling, dial 001-855-924-2637, not 1-855...

    If that doesn't work, I don't know what to say... You sure you typed the correct number? I can call them through Skype from Belgium, without any Skype credit.
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    If you call through Skype, you should be able to skip dialing the country code portion, as long as you actually select the country you're trying to dial. Skype should add that part in automatically, if I remember correctly.

    A side note as well: if Skype won't let you call for free, set your country as USA as well. Should solve that problem.
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