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    Eriador Bundle / Quest Pack issue

    The store is supposed to automatically not show us items we already own or can't use. Most of the time this works fine, even if it can be annoying (like a year ago, when the free sample of the week was a valuable Scroll of Relic Removal, yet I wasn't allowed to claim it because I had no characters high enough to see it in the store).

    However the Eriador Bundle is still showing up for me despite having long ago bought every Quest Pack in the game, so accidentally purchasing it would give me absolutely nothing and at a huge cost. I know well enough to avoid it, but that could be a very expensive 4000 TP mistake for someone who was less wary.

    Can you please look into this issue?

    Thank you.

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    I think it would be great if any such bundle/expansion included in the details the complete list of things you would get upon buying it, with check marks next to the items you already own. This way it would be clear what the bundle really offers to you, and also it would specify why the bundle is still showing up (perhaps there is one more component you didn't know about).

    Or perhaps it could even show the individual prices of the components that you don't own yet and sum them, so you could compare that sum to the price of the bundle and see how much you save (or not).

    Well, the ideal situation from the customer's point of view would be if the bundle/expansion was not offered in the store unless its price was less or equal to the sum of prices of the components that one doesn't own yet, though that is perhaps a bit too much to ask for.



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