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    Might and The Hunter

    Based on what I can read on the character screen might only impacts three categories for a hunter.
    Physical Mitigation (2 x Might), Parry Rating (2 x Might) and Block Rating (4 x Might), but since we can't use a should I think the block rating is useless.

    If this is correct then Might has no impact on a hunter's physical mastery. Is this correct? Is this something that changed?

    I used to guess that some combination of might and agility was involved in calculating an offense rating (Physical Mastery)

    In my case (and my stats are a little strange since I've been taking stuff on and off trying to work this out LOL)
    Might is 334 and Agility is 1,661. The screen shows:
    Physical Mastery at 19,265 (with agility being 16,610 of that number)
    - Physical Melee is showing a 60.5% increase
    - Physical Ranged is showing a 68.5% increase

    Assuming the above is correct..

    Should a Hunter completely ignore Might and take something else whenever there is an option?

    Hope I got this right.


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    That is correct. A hunter should never have might.

    Once upon a time, before RoI, might contributed to a hunter's melee damage. Even then, gaining might on a hunter was considered silly, and was only really done if agi, vit, and fate were all capped or close to it, or if there was a really good agility piece that also had might (there were a couple). Now that there's no stat caps and a hunter's melee damage is also determined by Might, there's absolutely no reason to get Might at all. (Vitality gives the same contribution to Phys Mitigation that Might does, and Agility gives the same Parry contribution.)
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    Basically YES

    Ignore Might.
    It is useless for Hunters and always has been

    My capped Hunter only has 57 might

    Hunters will normally look for:

    1: Agility - for damage
    2: Vitality - for Morale
    3: Fate - for Power regen
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