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    Armor and What Does it Really Do?

    I used to think that Armor must be a pretty important stats. I figured it must be the most important stats for physical aattacks (melee or ranged) and help somewhat in non physical attacks.

    What I can actually read on my character screen is that:

    100% of Armor is added to Common Mitigation
    20% of Armor value is added to Non-common mitigation.

    The bad news is that neither of those terms are used anywhere else on the screen. So, my best guess is:

    Under Defense on the Character Screen there is a subsection called Mitigation. Under that are two subsections, one called Damage Source and One called Damage Type.

    Under the Damage Source there are three categories (Melee, Ranged and Tactical) but all of my are zero (0). Are these things still being used? I've never seen anything that would increase them?

    The other sub category is Damage Type. It has two sub categories:
    - Physical (is this what is referred to as Common in the armor description)
    - Tactical (is this the non-common referred to in the armor description?)

    Looking at my character I have:
    Physical Mitigation at 9,614 and that means (6,008 is coming from the armor)
    Tactical Mitigation at 5,644 ( and that means 20% of 6,008 comes from armor or 1,202)

    Is this correct?

    Can I just ignore the three stats concerning damage source shown on the screen?

    Thx for feedback.


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    I believe the damage source mitigations used to be used but are now basically obsolete. So yes, just ignore them. Mine are zero as well.

    You are correct, physical and tactical mitigation (under Damage Type) are the ones to pay attention to. I wanted to know for sure what armor did as well, so I experimented with equipping/unequipping armor and I can confirm that 100% is added to your physical mitigation, and 20% is added to your tactical mitigation.

    Also, while you're at it, try holding your mouse over your physical and tactical mitigation and see what it says. It will tell you what percentage of damage it mitigates, which is more important than the raw numbers.

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    Correct on all points
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