I transferred to Nimrodel at the start of 2012, then quit playing lotro right around the time Great River was released. Now, a full year later, I've picked up the game again and I'm looking for a kinship to join.

I honestly don't know if there are any raiding guilds on Nimrodel, let alone ones that are recruiting, but here goes. I'm a fresh 85 RK with both heal and dps experience in a raid setting. My boyfriend is on Nimrodel as well, and has an 85 cappy and a 75 LM on the server. Together, we have completed several T2 challenges at 65 and 75, and have extensive knowledge of OD, ToO and BG.

We are pretty much determined to raid together, so if you have room for both of us, please contact Verthandi or Buccaneer in game.