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    Captain in the moors

    Ok. I have taken my cpt to the moors a few times but feeling lost. What build? Legacies? Tactis? Thanks for help!

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    captains in moors can quest or join RAID groups. the bigger the group more wiil the captain help. in PvMP we are healers and rezzers, and our main skills are WoC, RC, VS, Inspire. a few raids could benefit from shield of the dunedain, but most monsters raids focus fire the captain or the ministrel first, so last + in harms ways will be use a lot. on the offensive side cutting attack reduces in combat speed of monsters players. some captaisn have reported limited success in 1 vs 1 spars against monsters players, but don't go that way- captains are by far the worst class in 1 vs 1- limited DPS, only close range melee skills, no mezz break skill. a captain may defeat an extremely noob creep, but truth is, a rank 1 creep of any class has an unbeatable strategy to kill a rank 15 captain in a 1 vs 1, usually involving some kiting and power drain. moors is all about mitigations, so try to run around with as much tactical mitigation as possible, to become a tough nut for a stalker to crack. if the stalkers discover that it can't kill you in less than 30s it will probably move to another soft target. the builds usually go 5b + 2y when healing in raids and 5r 2b when doing quests. against noob creeps you may try some convoluted strategys in 5r2b involving starting the fight with tanking gear and swapping to dps gear after the creeps uses its most damaging skills, but as I said, in every fight you enter your enemy is never in real life peril, as it can always kite you or run, while you will be always fighting to the death. This is the main reason why I dislike soloing the moors with a captain- its not a game when you risk everything and your adversary risks nothing. every captain should go to the moors- not only to gain the amazing items like the perseverance set, included in every serious captain build or the coldfells banner, the best banner in game, but also to learn how to be effective in a raid. in the begging do not despair, save your comms for your perseverance set and once you reach rank 3 things will go smoother, as you gain acess to stun pots.



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