Fellow travellers in Middle Earth,

The Children of Rossiel are an XP disabled raid group within the Red Company kinship on Laurelin server. In 2015, some of the kinship created alt characters to build a dedicated group to attempt all of LOTRO’s instanced content on-level. As a result, all characters were fitted with XP disablers, advance at the same pace and on conservative schedules that allow players plenty of time to get their levels and virtues. Normal procedure is that players agree on a set date by which all characters should be at the new level, appropriately geared, and with virtues done. Where practicable we complete the T2/challenge modes, but T2 is often unworkable due to scaling issues with the older content.

So far, the group has attempted, and overcome, all instanced content in LOTRO up to Mirkwood (Level 65). The last group evening saw the defeat of the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur (Barad Guldur 12 man).
We now face Ost Dunhoth, and beyond that, the challenges of the Isengard instances, and possibly even the wyrm Draigoch.

We have found that, for the 12-mans we have to occasionally advertise in ‘World’ for pick up participants. This presents a difficulty as it is hard to find characters at the exact level and such players are often unable to join our TS group and are unfamiliar with our established tactics and s.o.p.

We are therefore seeking a number of folk (perhaps 2-3) who would be interested in joining in our expeditions.

It is not necessary that you join the Red Company kinship (but after meeting our folk, you may want to )
That you can bring an appropriately levelled character, with correct gear and virtues.
That you can install Teamspeak and take part in TS discussions during the instance (or at least to listen to instructions).
That you can commit to the instance schedule (We normally raid on Saturday evenings, Euro time – starting at 9PM CET) a couple of times a month.
That you can commit to fitting an XP disabler and advancing to the next level limit on the (relaxed) timetables set by the Children of Rossiel team.

Classes: We would very much welcome an experienced burglar (or two), and a captain, but we are happy to take other classes also.

RP/Lore: Because Laurelin and the Red Company are reasonably lore compliant, we would ask for characters that have lore-appropriate/fantasy-appropriate character names. No ‘ XXXLegolas-RocksXXX’.

Raid Experience – There is no prerequisite for raid experience. We are seeking committed folk who can stay with this for a few months. If you are new to instances we are happy to assist you, so long as you are prepared to put the work in.

Contact: On Laurelin Server – Any officer of the Red Company (there are usually a number of us on, particularly at Euro evening times). Adilyr/Talgred, Meriya/Aegathel, Lantharion/Thorinwald, Nanteana/Cenalith, Aedree, or Theogorn.