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    Virtues & Traits?

    I am very new to LOTRO and am finally looking at max level. I've been leveling solo and am looking to get into some end game PVE content once I hit 85. My question is ... what virtues should be my priority and which traits are going to be ideal?

    Currently my race traits are:
    Elf Bow Bonus
    One Handed Sword
    Friend of Man
    Tactics & Conviction
    Power of the Eldar

    My current hunter traits are:
    Fast Draw
    Critical Eye
    Swift and True
    Barbed Fury
    Deadly Precision
    Swift Recovery
    Strong Draw

    Legendary Traits:
    Bard's Arrow
    Rain of Thorns
    Press Onward

    As far as virtues go, I haven't really had a clue as to what to focus on, so some help with these would be greatly appreciated.

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    you should look at the class threads for hunters.

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    Personally, I think the non-virtue traits you pick are highly dependent on your play style, especially the race & legendary ones. If what you have selected works for you then great.

    As for virtues, my original build out consisted of all the virtues that provided Agility, however; I found that while this was fine in landscape it was not helping in instances. So generally (I switch them depending on what I am doing) the virtues I use now (at cap) are the ones that give physical or tactical mitigation, mainly because for what ever reason my builds seem to lack those (specifically tactical).

    Take a look at this chart, it is very helpful in getting an idea of what all the virtues do, you can then decide which ones are best for you.

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    I agree with Ullr_of_Aesir and his chart link would very much help in making your decision

    For your info i would like to post my traits:




    friend of man
    elf bow damage bonus
    eldar's grace


    swift and true
    hail of arrows
    barbed fury
    shot through the heart
    critical eye


    bard's arrow
    bow of the righteous
    rain of thorns

    I hope that is of help to you.
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