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    Sari Surma T2C scaled

    Have people been doing this one? It is a lot harder than it used to be, by my estimation. Well, that is not entirely true. Most of the instance got quite a bit easier, but the final fight challenge mode more than makes up for that.

    After four nights of trying this sucker (twice with folks I raid with and twice with kinnies), we finally got this one down. Once. Not quite "on farm" yet. Now, these are all solid players who have heaps of experience with the former version of this, and the consensus I get from them is that this fight is totally nutso! There are a lot of different elements to this fight:
    1. Flying lessons from the boss
    2. Flying lessons from the guardians
    3. Flying lessons from the whirlwinds
    4. Line of Sight - friend and foe!
    5. Stuns
    6. Silences
    7. Out of commission characters
    8. Adds with incredible changing powers!
    9. Aggro wipes

    So yeah, a busy and involved fight.

    What I am wondering is, are there folks out there who have a strat that makes this easy in their eyes?

    Here is what our group makeup was: Guard, Guard, Capt, Mini, LM, RK (dps). This is just who we had around and what classes they had that worked together. We used this to our advantage in the strat that finally paid off. We had a guard tank the boss, a guard and a capt each take and attempt to control a guardian, healer healing, RK dpsing and LM doing a bit of everything (stun imm, spot heals, debuffs and dps - all utterly dependent on LoS). We started off by having people standing in certain places but really we ended up nearly constantly on the move. We had people go flying and had to run all the way back. It was hectic.

    I would really like to convey that as absolutely crazy as this fight is, I am not complaining. The sense of accomplishment after finishing this was practically palpable. LotRO hasn't made me that way since our first Lieutenant kill back at level 65. Not that this was in any way reflected in the loot we got but ANYWAYS...

    So yeah, anyone using a strat that makes this easier? (Or doing this at all when it is clear there is better payback from certain other instances *cough Sambrog cough*)
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    Hey, hope I can be of some help, but I've only run this once since it was scaled (and that was around the time of release).

    The fight in fact hasn't changed all that much from level 65, the one, glaring important difference of course is having to keep the two guardians alive throughout the fight.

    What my group found worked best was to kite tank the two guardians around the left half of the platform (left as you're walking through the door) and have the rest of the group take up the right half of the platform.

    I'm assuming (so this may be very wrong) from your group makeup you had one guard tanking the boss, and one guard tanking the guardians for this fight? Well basically I (the warden) would tank the guardians, and kite (if you let them stay in melee range, that's when they do their aggro wipes) around the left side stones, while we had a DPS, champ if i remember correctly tanking the boss.

    This setup seemed to work fairly well, but I still don't think anyone was really enjoying the changes to this fight, especially with people forgetting to watch for all the punts from the boss and whirlwind!
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    what we've found works best is to have the tank hold the caerogs to the left of the door as you enter. if you have a loremaster this is very easy as the tank doesn't have to move to LoS the frozen floor skill. have a captain or champ tank the boss (or if you have 2 tanks as you do in the listed group makeup, then 1 on caerogs and one on boss). I was skeptical this would work, as I figured the caerogs would be too difficult to melee tank because of their tendency to wander off, but found it really isn't that hard. you just have to be ready to hit them with some aggro skill as soon as you see them switch targets (this usually happens when they punt) and they'll come right back to you. you can semi-kite along the cliff face if you want (if you don't have a lm you will probably have to in order to try to avoid as many frozen floors as possible. its harder, but I've done it this way as well), you just have to be very careful they don't get a punt off as you turn to run back across (if Drugoth has put a slow on you this could be dangerous).

    the group just needs good awareness and/or communication in case the caerogs are coming into the center a bit, and be quick to move to make sure they're not in range of a punt until the tank corrals them again. most of the time, with a stundot from a loremaster and decent luck that the caerog tank doesn't get controlled by one of the summoned spirits, good timing of skills makes it quite easy for the tank to keep them out of the group. even with an occasional stun (from caerogs or frozen floor w/out lm, or spirit stun), its possible they won't come loose before the stun is broken.

    I've had this work well with and without a loremaster, and with a captain, champ, or guardian tanking drugoth. sometimes it takes a few tries, especially if there are ppl in the group that haven't done it since its been scaled, and especially if we don't have a loremaster, but eventually we've gotten it down every time since we adopted this strategy

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    I think the easiest way is to rangetank the boss while standing behind one of the pillars. At least thats what we do for a save, quick kill.
    There's a pillar on the right side where you can stand in the save area and still shoot at the boss, Healer and captain can stay behind the pillar completely and heal the tanking hunter. However a Loremaster is absolutely necessary because the hunter will be hit quite hard. I usually tank the adds without kiting as we had some really bad luck with kicks from the adds+boss+storm.
    Most successful setup we came up with was: 1 Warden 1 Captain 1 Minni 1 LM 2 Hunter.

    However if you want to challenge your tank you can have him tank both adds and the boss. It does require accurate and perfectly timed movement but it is possible. If you choose to take another melee-dd with you he has to move, too obviously. It's quite risky :P

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    We have the tank and sometimes cappy (as backup) kite the guardians. As a LM I rangetank the boss (use windlore and waterlore which makes it ezmode) and am primary healer. That leaves 3 others. If we have a mini they go warspeech or if we have a rk they go dps and then other 2 are generally hunters or rks (range dps). It is quite easy if you rangetank and range dps boss. The only issue is when the LM is cc'd in the final phase of the fight. Dps needs to kill those 2 adds asap!

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    We have a captain tank the guardians while everyone zergs the boss and the adds he spawns. Of course, people must watch out for all the avoidable punts and the like.

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