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    Power Problems When Tanking

    Recent changes seem to have left me with power problems when tanking.
    Throwing in the occasional DBD like I used to does not catch me up.
    Yes, if I spam DBD I can get decent power back but by then I've lost aggro.

    My ICMR=1159, Fate=249

    Anyone else seeing this lately?

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    No, just take a decent LM. Yes, I've had it in BfE t2, quite a long fight, and you should spam some Agression before DBD, if that doesn't work, take the LM
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    I've started chomping +83 fate food before a long fight and that helps some, but yeah...
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    I haven't noticed terribly many problems with my Power while tanking. I use A Keen Response and my combined Parry and Partial Parry is near 25%, so I get power back fairly regularly, even on single targets. My rotations are very heavy on Battle Memory, as well, so I utilize less Power at the expense of Morale.

    Fairly new to tanking, though, so I haven't had quite as many long fights.

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    I have had some power issues until I started using the trait for power return on parry. Also don't forget there is the 2 legacies for -10% power to sh-sp and fi-sp.

    If you have a good LM or Captain with you tho, you should never run out of power.
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    Unless its some difficult raid, I drink power pots as often as possible, I trait Keen Response, keep Wall of Steel bonuses on for more parry, ask a captain for parry buff, have 1 legacy for power cost (sh-sp and) do darkness before dawn everytime and then and still I manage to run out of power if cappy doesnt do his job properly or there isnt a LM... well my ICPR is really bad (800 with determination buff).

    But when Im tanking a lot of mobs, then its fine, keen response works nicely then (as much as 40 pps from it).
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    Yes, KR does help with this. It's too bad I now have to use up a slot
    for KR to mitigate a problem that was not there before recent updates.
    Thx for the replies.

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    I use KR not for the power return, but for the extra parry considering we can get to 75% partial miti on parry, that is not to be sniffed at - to everything to get me to cap is welcome and I don't see it as a watse of a slot.

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    Silly question. Did you update your carving to 85? Yeah, it only reduces power on spear, shield or fist, and may change your damage output, but its better than nothing, esp if you use builders instead of masteries.

    I am range tanking the Grim in Fires of Smaug in Determination, RC/Conviction/CtB/SM, swapping to Assailment to do occasional DPS and have yet to go below 50% power for the entire fight.

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    I've only ever tanked on my warden and honestly I have absolutely no problems with power. In the off chance that I do encounter problems, I've established so much aggro that I can afford to toss in a few DbDs without worrying about losing aggro. I don't trait for any power restores nor do I have the power cost reduction legacies. My fate is pretty low, I guess it's because I normally have a really good cappy and LM around (in raids) since my power is rarely below half. I did once ask for the healer to let me go below 10% morale in a run though just for NS's power restore lol that was once during one of those runs where you lose all your power if you don't pot off a disease

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    I wouldn't call it a power problem... but yeah as any tank class in this game we do have less power than dps/heal classes have.
    And if the fight gets heavy DBD alone is horrible, pots are more or less a must have.. DBD was pretty good until they nerfed it again at the last update. Keen Response is a trait you should have equipped anyways.
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    Power Problems

    I'm 550 fate / 1700 ICPR (Higher than my LM), and even I have power problems, especially if I don't trait "Keen Response", which is a shame, because half the time I don't, in order to trait "Force of Personality" for the +2 bleeds for dps tank stance dancing. I'm a little disappointed that with all the classes who got buffs to thier power regen skills with 10.1, we got the DBD nerf. I'd definitely rank us as one of the most power hurting classes, though it often goes unnoticed, because when all else fails we drop to DBD spamming (which is not very helpful to the fellow!)



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