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    Weird questionmark alert icon (?!?): What is it?

    I was trying to catch up with an event that traveled from the Shire to Isengard, using a level 39 toon. Enedwaith was a red zone for me and of course I got killed after making it all the way to the Lich Bluffs. I chose to Revive and when my screen reloaded I was back in the Shire. There was a very brightly colored square icon in the alert panel with a ?!? graphic on it. It disappeared when I clicked on it. A GM was unable or unwilling to identify it and told me to make a bug report. Normally I'd chalk up the misplaced revival to general glitchiness, but with the special icon appearing I wonder if it was some sort of normal mechanism for vastly underleveled characters. Can anyone shed any light on this, please? Is it situation-specific or did I just see the entire game shrug at me?

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    If you die in a red zone release or revive, you will always be sent back to your racial starting location. There is a bug in the game software where you are being informed about what is going to happen.

    As far the Game Master response, the Game Masters know very little about how the game software works. The Game Masters do not keep track of bugs in the game software. Bugs are handled by the Quality Assurance organization. Game Masters are not permitted to answer questions about the operation of the game software.

    Turbine's Game Masters seem to use a system that reminds me a lot of what I encountered in Germany. "That which is not expressily permited is forbidden: Or other words, unless you have a permit you can't do it. There is no need to put up things like "Do not walk on the grass" signs. Instead you put "Grass walking permitted here" signs. I am sure native Germans get taught the universal permits and forbidden as they grow from child to adult. As American in Germany, I was always violating the forbidden rules. Some of them when I was fussed at made sense like stop cutting into the empty bike lanes when you are walking Yula.

    I suspect the default anxwers are "Ask on the Forums" or "Write a bug report" unless this specific situation is covered in current manual providing by management. There is always a lot of pressure customer service people to process as many tickets as possible in an hour. To get hold time down. Spend as little time as possible with each customer especially when there is nothing that you can do for them.
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