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    [EVENT] Grand Dwarrow Travelling Fayre

    The combined Kinships of Durin's Folk and Khuzd Belkul are hosting a Grand Travelling Dwarrow Fayre! Starting in Frerin's Court at 8pm (BST) on Wednesday 24 April, the Fayre will travel to Needlehole on 25th, Bywater on 1st May and finish in Bree on May 2nd. All dwarrow traders are invited to contact Hanfur to secure a stall. Entertainers of all races are also invited to perform.

    The first Travelling Dwarrow Fayre is about to begin! Join the brothers and sisters of Durin's Folk and Khuzd Belkul in their caravans as they traverse Ered Luin, The Shire and Breelands to bring the finest Dwarrow goods to the people of Middle Earth. All dwarrow traders are welcome to register with Hanfur, fayre organiser, to sell their wares.

    Ale and vittles will be avaiable with the finest entertainment in Eriador. Do not miss this unique event! Stalls, Games, Music and dancing. Even if you're not buying come along and enjoy true dwarrow hospitality.

    Wednesday 24 April at Frerin's Court, begins 3PM (ST)
    Thursday 25 April at Needlehole Trading post, begins 3PM (ST)
    Wednesday 1 May at Bywater (Green Dragon), begins 3PM (ST)
    Thursday 2 May at Bree (Stone quarter market place), begins 3PM (ST)
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    Sounds splendid! Looking forward to seeing what's on offer

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    Red face

    I am most pleased to announce that Hobbit Heart will perform for the traders and customers of the Grand Dwarrow Travelling Fayre on May 1 in Bywater *cheers*

    Will be lovely...come and join us at the Fayre!

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    Durin's Folk are honoured to have you perform for us, Miss Amorey!

    Any other folk wishing to take part please contact me, Odsi or Barkgrim (Durin's Folk)
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    Tonight is the last chance to get a good deal at the Dwarven Travelling Fayre, and I am glad to announce that 'The Chosen Few' have got the honor to play at this magnificent event! (We even got some new tunes ready!)

    So, grab your last pieces of silver, get your haggling-face on, and come and join in on the fun!

    Grymrock Grey
    - The Chosen Few
    Leader of 'Order of the Divine Brew' kinship at [EN-RP] Laurelin server.
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    Thank you all that came last night in Bywater, we had a lovely time

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    Many thanks to all who came along to support these events. Especial thanks to those providing such fine entertainment. And, congratulations to the lottery winners!

    We are greatly encouraged to repeat this at the end of summer. keep an eye open for an announcement early in September.
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    I am very happy to announce that Durin's Folk will be holding another Dwarrow Travelling Fayre!

    The dates are:
    Wednesday, 9th = Noglond
    Thursday, 10th = BrockenBorings
    Wednesday, 16th = Stock
    Thursday, 17th = Combe

    We will also be in Gondamon on the 12th, when the People of Gondamon will be hosting a market there.

    I hope to see alot of you there!

    Odsi IronArm

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    Do these events start at 3pm ST again?

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    I think it is 3PM servertime, aye, at least it started at that time last night.
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    Allegiance between Durin's Folk and Khuzd Belkul continues and so does their travelling dwarrow Fayre! Filled to the brim with goods and ware to sell from the mountain holds. From fine foods, gold, gems, armour, weaponry and crafts, which have not seen the light of day. But us dwarrows offer more, with the stalls and stores we offer many events and activities.

    11th, 12th, 13th and 14th of January
    Every day from 2PM till 4 PM

    11th: Winterhome
    12th: Frerin's Court (Crafting Area)
    13th: Needlehole
    14th: Staddle

    On Sunday 12th 03:15 PM - Dwarrow Quiz Night - Should last 45 minutes till 4PM
    While people shop for bargains at the local market we are having a little Dwarrow Quiz.
    ((Multiple choice quizz for teams of two, concerning every little detail about the dwarves, their culture and language.)

    On Sunday 2PM till 2:45PM - Strongarm / Armwrestling contest
    (In two rounds - both using /roll . Round 1: Is strongarm, where a dwarf is given a heavy stone he needs to hold up as long as he can with one arm stretched

    On Saturday, Monday and Tuesday - at 2:15 PM - Axe throwing contest - Should last no more then 30 minutes till 2:45 PM ((Using /roll, players need to throw a target - all players will receive throwing axes - Best of three throws wins)) Saturday 11th at 3:00 to 3:30, races: including horse races, backwards races, jumping races and normal races!
    Will be in and around Winterhome.

    Monday 13th at 2:55 to 3:40, a talent show which welcomes acts of all kinds. Dancing, singing, music playing, marching, acting!

    Tuesday 14th at 2:15 to 2:45, including coal rolling. (Using rolls more info on the day)

    ((Arm wrestling played as followed: you need to keep rolling topping your previous score, each time you roll counts a minute you have stretched your arm. For instance: you roll: 15, 40, 60 and 30. Meaning you would have kept the stone with your arm stretched for three minutes. So, the key to this is start low and end high, as slowly as you can. The numbers represent the strength you use up. So, if you roll a 90 on the first roll it means you've used up almost all your strength, meaning it will difficult to keep up the stone.

    Round 2: The 4 best in round 1 face each other in the Arm wrestling round. ((again using /roll, total score of three rounds of rolls pushes the other hand down and wins)). Two matches each to decide winner, runner-up and third place. ))

    * Daily Lottery: Everyone can buy a lottery ticket of a silver piece. A raffle is held and the prizes assigned to each number are handed out. This happens every evening throughout the market.

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    On behalf of Durin's Folk and Khuzd Belkul, and the organizers of the Dwarrow Fayre, I thank everyone for attending and hope you had good time. The Dwarrow Fayre will return in three moons and until then safe travels to all.



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