Hey all, I’m a +40 yo male looking for a laid back mature and fun kinship.
I used to be a regular player from the early days on but some hard IRL issues urged me to leave the game for a while, about 2 years ago.
I played very irregularly the last year and started the Rohan expansion a couple months back.
What I’m looking for in a Kin is a relaxed, enjoyable and unconstrained play style.
I like to help others when I’m able and at the same time want some time for myself when needed.
Mandatory rigid raids are not what I’m looking for, altho I would enjoy raiding occasionally.
RL takes precedence for me, always.

If you think I can be an addition to your Kinship please feel free to drop me a line :-)

Kind Regards,
LukeFrith/HeartBurn and others.