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    Prologue Quest Bug?

    I was on the last mission (I believe) of the prologue quest, on the final enemy, and the game began to glitch badly. It said I had no weapon equipped so my character started punching for nearly zero damage, I couldn't drink potions, and my herald disappeared. I don't mind the time lost in doing this, but would it be possible to reset my "has died" flag. It would irk me through the rest of my time with the game if I didn't continue to go up in title simply because of a bug.


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    When a character has been defeated they will forever be flagged as being defeated. No matter what the reason for the defeat, the GM will never reset it. You would need to convince Turbine to change their long-standing policy, and even then any policy change only affects those going forward and is not retroactively applied. If the title means that much to you then you will need to restart the character.
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    Some enemies can use attacks that disarm you by making you unable to wield a weapon for a short amount of time. Not sure if this is possible in the intro already, and I don't know the captain class so I can't help you with the herald issue, but maybe it was not a bug but just that particular attack?In any case, if you were only on the prologue, it should take you no time to restart the character and get back to the point where you are now. Up to level 20ish, levelling goes really fast so it's only a matter of hours normally.
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