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    Official Gratz Thread of Hezzboroth

    Grats bro Wombo Combo all the way
    R.I.P Esfiel(Rank13) (Promotion Rank 7) BA(rank8) Spider(rank8) Coq(rank9)

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    ^ what he said.

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    Mar 2010
    Whats this grats thread doing in the pvmp forums?!

    Grats Hezbollah go fer der perple

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    Gratz Hezz Keep It Up

    Don't Do Drugs..... ......Smoke The Herb

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    Dec 2008
    Nice man grats on rank, hope you keep coming out for more!
    Sicoreth -r12 cappy Scarbarothe suicidal r8 ba
    The Fallen/Bad Kids

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    You know, I loled the other day on how you sh*t on my warg in a 1v1. Gratz again!
    Volodic- Rank 14 Minstrel- The first and the last Warlord of Nimrodel
    Volobash- Rank 11 Blackarrow- Arkenstone, Nikitah's Bane
    Volosavenger- Rank 9 Stalker- Landroval, The white warg

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    Well done, Hezz. Keep on schwinging.

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    Jun 2011
    Gratz Hezz. I'd race you to 12 but I can't compare to your shwing shwing with my zap zap :P

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