Hi Folks.

My name is Tingham/Tim and I'm part of an online gaming community called "Unity". A few of us who have previously tried LOTRO and loved it for all the same reasons you do have decided to journey through Middle Earth as a Kinship.

We are looking for some like minded, community players with an eye on endgame PvE to join us in this. We are, at this stage, happy to take in alts. Let me explain a little about Unity.

Unity started as a guild in WoW, however within a few months about 25 of us became such firm friends we decided to make the transition into other games. Since a few of us had some experience with LOTRO and recognized how fantastic it was, we decided to make this one of our main focuses.

If anyone would be interested in joining us. Experienced or especially new players. We would be very, very happy to have you.

All the best, happy gaming. Feel free to get a hold of Myself (Tingham) or Melran in-game.